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This Deck Rules Your Mom's Pants.. and it almost made Dr. Darren spend 100's of Dollars at Star City Games just so he could contend with it. The Premise is simplistic yet mean. Use Buried Alive to send 2 or 3 Demigod's to Your Graveyard right before you play one.. and immediately have (4) 5/4 Hasted Fliers at your Disposal. Also, the Crypt Angels ensure the board is clear by bringing your Flametongue Kavus and Murderous Redcaps back over and over again. The clincher is the unpreventable direct damage of Urza's Rage and a nicely timed Void. Enjoy.



Infamousjohn says... #1

you should really consider putting 4 GambleMTG Card: Gamble into this deck to fish out either buried alive or demigod of revenge to your hand.

April 9, 2012 6:41 p.m.

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