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Nicol Bolas must be respected, and here we have a deck that'll give him a clear path to victory! When he damages an opponent, they discard their hand! The opponents will waste their turn doing nothing and everyone will bow down to Bolas!

Nicol Bolas is an 8-mana 7/7 with "when this creature damages an opponent, that opponent discards their enitre hand." It also has an upkeep cost-we have to pay every upkeep or sacrifice the commander. Now, that is not that impressive by today's standards. So, you might ask, why don't you use that amazing Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  ? My reason is that the Ravager is too overused. By running a different commander, he is not seen as a threat, so that is what makes him deadly. He can sneakily hit an opponent, make them discard their hand, which means they are probably going to have to start top-decking more, and he can't be permanently controlled easily since the person who controls him will have to pay the upkeep cost!
So, the whole point of this deck is to slowly get enough mana to play Bolas, deploying smaller threats along the way. The opponents are not as likely to target this deck (since we don't seem like a threat) and will probably go after a more threatening player. There is a ton of removal and a few counterspells to keep the board small for a while. Once Bolas gets out, we can start swinging with him, using a few cards to make him unblockable and removal to make sure he can't be stopped.
This is one of the largest categories, and rightfully so. Any card that draws more cards, scrys/surveils, or just gets more cards out of the library to play goes in here. Some of them are repeatable (like Ob Nixilis Reignited, and some of them just being a one-time thing (like Brainstorm). They also aren't all noncreature spells. A few of them are lands, and some of them are creatures.
Of course, our deck isn't going to get anywhere without some ramp. Most of it comes from artifacts and all of it is repeatable (except for Dark Ritual). A lot of important cards in this deck are higher cost, so therefore we want the ability to play them as soon as possible. The best one here is probably Arcane Signet, though I really like my old-school Sol Ring.
I like playing with and/or copying my opponent's cards. A lot. All of the cards in here can steal or copy an opponent's cards (except for God-Eternal Kefnet, it can only copy the first instant or sorcery spell I play each turn that was on the top of my library). Most of these sources are and , and that makes a lot of sense, since they like doing that. The ones steal things already on the field, while the ones steal things from any grave. However, Mimic Vat is probably the most interesting card in this category, especially if you have something big exiled under it.
Removal is the most important part of any commander deck. It wouldn't do any good if you had no way to get rid of something big blocking your way. There are 8 pieces of removal in this deck, 3 of which can reliably do it again. Ravenous Chupacabra (a favorite of mine), and Meteor Golem can be revived to destroy another permanent, and they work especially well in conjunction with Mimic Vat. Ob Nixilis Reignited is the other repeatable source, and he can eliminate multiple creatures if he sticks around long enough. The other spells can technically be repeated, but only by either Mission Briefing or Underworld Breach.
If creatures you controlled went to the grave and never came back again, that would be terrible. So, we have many ways to get our creatures back. Plus, it would be sad if we didn't have reviving cards in a deck. Most of these cards are , with the exception of one-Underworld Breach. Some of them like Command the Dreadhorde can even revive your opponents' cards and put them under your control! The best card here (in my opinion) is actually Garna, the Bloodflame. Being able to get all your creatures back from the grave that got there this turn at instant speed is great!
This is not a voltron deck, so therefore Bolas is not the only attacker. There are 8 creatures in this deck that can still deal out reasonable damage. Around half of them have flying (like Niv-Mizzet, Parun, making them even harder to block. Some of them serve other functions so you don't necessarily have to attack with them for them to be effective (excluding Thief of Sanity, Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion, and Terror of Mount Velus). The best card in here is probably Cavalier of Flame, being able to draw more cards and pump things while giving them haste.
This deck does not run too much graveyard hate, because some of our cards use the opponents' graves. We only have three cards that exile things from graveyards, so use them wisely.
There is no point in tapping out to play a creature and having it be destroyed/exiled before you can even do anything with it. We have five haste enablers in this deck as a result. Three of them give haste to the whole team (Cavalier of Flame, Crashing Drawbridge, and Garna, the Bloodflame) while the other two give haste to a specific creature (Lightning Greaves and Crystal Slipper). I know some of you will blast me for using Crystal Slipper instead of Swiftfoot Boots, but I don't have it in my collection.
Having Bolas out is going to do no good if an opponent has a ton of reachers/fliers to block him. We have several cards that will ensure that he will not be blocked. Two of them target a single creature, while one can target multiple creatures.
I have covered most of the essential sections of this deck. The other ones I felt did not need a section for them. I hope these sections helped you understand the deck better!

At the time of this writing, I am still working on the deck. Please give +1 upvote for all my hard work and if you like it! <3


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