Nicol Bolas must be respected, and here we have a deck that'll give him a clear path to victory! When he damages an opponent, they discard their hand! The opponents will waste their turn doing nothing and everyone will bow down to Bolas!

Nicol Bolas is an 8-mana 7/7 with "when this creature damages an opponent, that opponent discards their enitre hand." It also has an upkeep cost-we have to pay every upkeep or sacrifice the commander. Now, that is not that impressive by today's standards. So, you might ask, why don't you use that great Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  ? My reason is that the Ravager is too overused. By running a different commander, he is not seen as a threat, so that is what makes him deadly. He can sneakily hit an opponent, make them discard their hand, which means they are probably going to have to start top-decking more, and he can't be permanently controlled easily since the person who controls him will have to pay the upkeep cost!
So, the whole point of this deck is to slowly get enough mana to play Bolas, deploying smaller threats along the way. The opponents are not as likely to target this deck (since we don't seem like a threat) and will probably go after a faster player. There is a ton of removal and a few counterspells to keep the board small for a while. Once Bolas gets out, we can start swinging with him, using a few cards to make him unblockable and removal to make sure he can't be stopped.
Due to only having two tutors (Demonic Tutor and Wishclaw Talisman), we must have a way to find the cards we need. A lot of cards can provide advantage, using by drawing more cards. And a lot are repeatable. It is also not entirely based on noncreature spells. Some creatures in this deck can get the job done too.
While we don't have a lot of dual lands in this deck, we have some other cards that can ramp us multiple colors of mana. We have a decent amount of rocks in here. When I played this deck I seemed to be able to take care of not having the right type of mana by drawing it with cards. mana is probably the most needed in this deck, but the other colors are important too.
When stuff goes to the graveyard, it's gone forever right? Well, that might be the case for some EDH decks, but not this one. We have a healthy amount of cards that can pull back creatures from the grave. Most of them are actually enchantments, not instants and sorceries. Always make sure there is a reviving card in hand in case Nicol Bolas gets sent to the grave, so we don't have to pay his cost + commander tax again.
Of course, this deck isn't going to get anywhere if we let opponents dominate the field. A great amount of removal in this deck helps take anything you don't want to see directly off the board. Counterspells, especially the Counterspell, also help keep things off of the board. Try to hold at least one in hand in case an opponent plays something truly devastating. As a final note on this section, some cards like Control Magic can control opponent's cards, so take full advantage of that as well.

*If you want to build this deck on a budget use a Mountain instead of Volcanic Island.

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