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This is my first attempt to build a Grixis Goodstuff EDH deck, using Nicol Bolas as commander, perfect both for game purpose and flavour. This built is meant to be "budget", and by this i mean it should be under 50 dollars in price. The deck is built having in mind the total control of the board through counterspells or single target removals, perfect to stop what is dangerous for us, and board wipes if the situation gets out of hand too quickly and we can't control it. But we surely want our opponents to cast their best spells, because this is far better for us then for them. In fact, there is a bit of recursion for our creatures or spells, but most importantly there are cards that allow us to use our opponents' graveyards to cast their best spells and use them to our advantage. But we won't stop to our opponents' graveyards. Since we don't have enough space for big beaters or strong creatures out of Nicol Bolas himself, we can use clone or steal effects to take advantage of our opponents' best creature that are already in play and copy or take control of them. There are some cheap tutors, because sometimes we just have to cast a certain spell to win the game or to make a crucial action, but these spells are very useful in every situation, from the beginning to the end of the game. We obviously carry a good ramp pack in the form of artifacts to cast all that expensive but devastating grixis spells.

Every tip is much appreciated.


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