Nicol Bolas causes Nightmares

I got the bug again and wanted to build a deck with a play style I hadn't done before. I was combing through my collection and happened upon Crosis, the Purger. So I decided to put together a janky discard deck that punishes opponents for discarding. This deck was later updated to be more multiplayer focused and less janky. So now it's basically a Stax deck with wheels, that tries to keep the discard focused on your opponents. There are some cards that discard everyones hand, but only a couple, and we can hopefully recover with draw spells better than our opponents.
Crosis, the Purger was the original leader of this nightmare. Now i've swapped him out for Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  . Kess, Dissident Mage and Nicol Bolas can be used as the commander as well depending on what you prefer or how you are feeling at the time.
Cards that do something to an opponent when a card is discarded, drawn, or when opponents have a low hand count:

Minor reanimate/recursion theme since there should be plenty of targets in opponent's graveyards:

The main strategy of this deck is punishing opponents for discarding. That being said, having the punishment cards out when you are wheeling opponents is brutal.

Any of the wheels in this deck + the discard punishment cards can lead to turns where opponents lose huge chucks of life per wheel. Or you just straight up do enough damage to beat all opponents.

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Swapped Crosis, the Purger for Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip as the general. Took out about half of the deck and replaced it for better more multiplayer focused discard effects. Also added a few wheels and more damage/tax/lose life effects.


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