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Taking this beast on tour! My average is a win by turn 7. If I don't get flooded that is :P

Wait till the other player has a large creature out. Then...

Traitorous Blood + Fling = O.o

I don't expect to get my Slumbering Dragon to get high enough to attack or block. He's really just there to freak out high aggro decks... So...

Slumbering Dragon + Fling = >:P

And of course Vexing Devil for an early WTF?!

Any suggestions for sideboard? Or any other ideas?


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So I just took out the cards from the Mirrodin block and have only included some suggestions that others have made that I have felt worked while I was play testing.

Reforge the Soul & Zealous Conscripts to name a few! :D

Can't wait to see what Return to Ravnica has to offer us! This deck is still a LONG way off from being complete!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions so far! Looking forward to hearing other ideas and strategies in the future!


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