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Nissa, Gideon, and lots of Deathmist Raptors

Frontier Aggro Combo Competitive GW (Selesnya) Midrange Tokens



Revisited this recently, it's really good! Played it last FNM and went undefeated!

The main board fills the table with creatures fast enough to compete against anything. Every card is playable early as well as a potentially game winning later. Might of the Masses + Secure the Wastes lets you win out of nowhere. This deck is made to win game one, but it has some vulnerabilities to popular sideboard cards.

The sideboard gives you unlimited card recursion and a fun way to play against any sort of control player while also moving the deck away from vulnerable tokens. Side in everything except the three Sigil of Valor , those are to play against mid-range or any match-up where the battlefield becomes stalled.

Here's a link to the sideboard, your going to play this as often as the mainboard, it's just as powerful as the maindeck but in the opposite direction. So, as well as you can predict an opponents sideboard deck, you can transform this into something with an advantage. The sideboard is very strong against boardwipes and other token hate ->

This deck offers potential answers for everything. Even against a friend who knows the deck well, you can still switch up the sideboard every game.


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+1 Sigil of Valor main
-1 Might of the Masses main
-3 Sigil of Valor side
+3 Sylvan Advocate side