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New Purphoros Budget ($25)

Commander / EDH Budget Mono-Red


$25 budget challenge version of my main Purphoros deck: PROMOTIONS!. I can't promise it'll run very well. It's a real shame that I had to take out ace cards out of it to make it cheaper, such as Sundial of the Infinite, Cold Storage, Avatar of Slaughter, and Fires of Invention.

On tcgplayer, if you take the mountains out and include shipping, its under $25. Will work on making a cheaper version. If you're willing to go through your FLGS singles, you could probably get it for around $15.

Main strategy of the deck is that Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded is a Sneak Attack on a commander. Toss out overpriced stuff, occasionally sac them for value, hide them in Endless Sands and so on. Second most common strategy outside of damage is to steal your opponent's stuff, attack them with it, and sac it if possible. The deck has a decent amount of draw for red, using wheel effects. If you can get on the board early, Bag of Holding will help you get even more value out all those wheel effects.


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