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UPDATE 9/23/15 Hello and thanks for everyone who has contributed to this deck. Its been a very long time since this rotated out of standard but I keep getting views and comments. I want to keep this decklist the way it was so I've been working on a modern legal version. Check out: B/R Vamp Crank

Hey let's dance one last time. I'm FINALLY going to run this in a tournament tommorrow! What do you guys think about the current meta and my sideboard?

This deck aims to take advantage of the infinite loop created by Bloodchief Ascension and Mindcrank using board control and small vampires that can get the ball rolling by doing 2 damage per turn.

I use the vampires because I wanted my first New Phyrexia deck to be mono black control and I had decided to use my vampire aggro deck as a jumping-off point. Then I saw how people didn't tend to take vampire's seriously in standard, which gives you a huge advantage during the first game of the match, until they lost to the combo.

UPDATE 7-2-11 Takinjg this lastest version to a standard tourny tomorrow. Let me know if you feel I'm missing anything!


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