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New Mizzium (GRN Standard)

Standard* Artifact Control U/R (Izzet)


Pretty decent Izzet Control deck in GRN standard. Only twist(and the reason I called it New Mizzium, which is a metal invented by Niv-Mizzet(Mizzium Transreliquat, Mizzium Meddler, etc.)) is the large amount of mana ramp via mana rocks, which include Gilded Lotuses, Izzet Lockets, and Boros Lockets.

There are a couple of reasons for the rocks I put in. First is that having that much mana can lead to some really explosive plays, mainly Blink of an Eye into Ionize-ing or Syncopate-ing the thing you bounced, double Risk Factor, and, of course, Expansion / Explosion's Explosion mode on usually 6-9, which can be game ending with a Niv-Mizzet, Parun on the field. Second reason is that it enables me to play the 2 Tezzeret, Artifice Masters I have, which I can, surprisingly, ultimate reliably in the majority of non-aggro match ups. Also the lockets offer some pretty good flood protection late-game.

Thx for looking at my deck, all suggestions welcome!!!


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