"Yo new black king, new york dream, tell these m**f*** everything I'm seeing."

"I just wanna play, have it my way, make a bunch of f** rules then tell 'em 'Obey'."- The Apprentice, Gorillaz Featuring RagnBone Man, Ray BLK & Zebra Katz

A new version of perhaps my first and most favorite deck: mono-black toolbox reanimator.

Admittedly, there are ways I can optimize this better, but for the moment (and a first draft), I'd say it's pretty decent.



Tickles1929 says... #1

Some suggestions; Change Extraplanar Lens to Caged Sun, bonus for self and don't lose a land if it blows up. Mind Stone over Everflowing Chalice. Possibly Mutilate as another board wipe. Ophiomancer for Pack Rat, being able to search every upkeep seems better. Possibly remove Oubliette for Never//Return. Harvester of Souls might have more synergy than Phyrexian Gargantua. Attrition instead of Nekrataal, less mana plus works with token.

June 29, 2017 6:28 p.m.

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