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A fairly typical Nekusar build. I started this deck off fairly budget minded, but I quickly grew to love it and have slowly acquired some more pricey staples for the deck. It's worth noting however that with the exception of the tutors you can easily run this deck fairly budget, much of the expensive cards are lands or a few "nice" cards but nothing that really makes the deck "win" is expensive.

The deck includes the common combos of:- Mind Over Matter + Temple Bell = Infinite Draw

Leyline of Anticipation and Vedalken Orrery allow chaining of wheels and casting spells in between resolving wheels - super convenient. Also you can cast wheels after opponents draw their card for turn, flash in Nekusar just before you turn starts, or do many other abusive things.

The deck runs a number of wipes to stay protected, because it has very few creatures. Tainted AEther and Overburden are also great for keeping aggro at bay. Glacial Chasam is an absolute all star at keeping you alive I have won many games just because of that card.

Recoup is a nice little sleeper card. It can act as an extra wheel, or save you late game by allowing you to flashback a board wipe or similar. Its also super useful to prevent self decking. If you end up discarding Time Reversal or Time Spiral then you can reshuffle using Recoup it also has built in flashback so you can discard it without worries. Its essentially a poor man's Past in Flames

Playing the deck is a little tricky at times, but the general gist is to play out mana rocks early, then get some damage dealers on board, and start casting wheels. Don't get too attached to your hand, and be ready to seize opportunities when they come!


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