Hello everyone, thanks for coming to take a look at my cEDH Waste Not Storm deck.

The Lines and WinCons

  • Waste Not
  • The main line that this deck is trying to make is Waste Not into a wheel, which depending on the draws can often win you the game on the spot. For wheels, we have Wheel of Fortune and Windfall . These are the best the game has to offer, and is our best bet in order to combo with Waste Not . With all the fast mana in the deck, and the instant win combos, I would consider waste not a set up piece that guarantees the win, rather being than the actual win con itself.

  • Ad Nauseam
  • This card is an incredible set up piece as it allows us to cast it at endstep to reserve our mana and draw on average of 20-30 cards. When we untap, we will have all of our resources, and with the fast mana, it's likely that we will be able to win on the spot. This deck is heavily built around this card making sure that my cmc is as low as possible. A great combo starter for this deck indeed!

  • Notion Thief + Narset, Parter of Veils
  • This deck works rather nicely with Notion Thief as well! The backup or primary Waste Not . It's surprisingly good for the main ability of being able to split it up between turns, flashing in at the end of turn and then wheeling on your turn with just enough mana. Also testing Narset, Parter of Veils as a secondary Notion Thief

  • Demonic Consultation / Tainted Pact and Laboratory Maniac
  • Besides the Waste Not lines, I also have the classic Kess combo of Demonic Consultation / Tainted Pact and Laboratory Maniac now replaced by Jace, Wielder of Mysteries . It's quite simple as you start by having Kess on the field and then casting Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact grabbing Lab Man. Cast Lab Man, flashback the respective spell from your graveyard with Kess, and then exile the rest of your library. Make sure to have a cantrip in your hand before all of this though, or else it's likely that you will not see your next turn with a win; though with Jace, the cantrip will be unneeded, hence the inclusion.

  • Aetherflux Reservoir
  • I also have Aetherflux Reservoir to stack with the storming the deck frequently does, and has been an effective alternate win condition. Often when Waste Not wheeling I will draw into this and even if it's not possible to combo further, one can cast enough spells in order to win with the storm count ticking up.

  • Dramatic Scepter + Paradox Engine
  • Lastly, the Dramatic Scepter combo is quite powerful, giving us access to limitless mana of the colors we need in order to combo off. Often, the cards won't just be drawn on their own, and this combo isn't generally gone for unless there is a clear path and one of the cards is already in hand. If that is the case it is great, but since this deck is a storm deck that likes to wheel, once the Dramatic Reversal is in the graveyard, it is impossible to do this combo any longer since there are no ways to get it back into your hand. Regardless, the combo is very effective and efficient, hence the inclusion. We additionally have paradox engine as a reliable way to proceed with our storming.

Additional comments

Overall I would say that this deck is pretty close to a tier 1 deck, but right now I'm still testing to see if the deck needs the 5 cmc wheels or if the 4 or less ones are good enough. Regardless, I know that drawing people cards as a win con isn't necessarily the best idea and really hinders the deck on a fundamental level, but I enjoy how this deck has a unique take on the storm idea. Rarely I am affected by my opponent's counter's or interaction because of the excess card draw and mana I have access to, so it still seems to work out just fine.

The reason I chose Waste Not over something like a Doomsday combo build was because I wanted to see how badly I could break waste not and see how competitive it really is. Additionally I felt as though it opened up more creativity to the build. Regardless, the main reason I switched over was because I played doomsday Kess a bit before as well and I found that really enjoyed how the Waste Not version ended up playing over it. Therefore I decided to dedicate my deck to that. Overall, the deck is really good, but it does take a little bit more setup than faster cEDH decks and plays a more midrangy gameplan, but it does has some absolutely unbeatable potential.

Shoutout to goblinguidereavealpls's Nekusar Primer that inspired me to build this deck, and helped me a bit when I was first starting out. This deck has evolved A TON over time, so it's very different from my original inspiration, but if you are interested in another fun decklist, checkout his deck here. It's way different and a bit less competitive than mine at this point, but it was my starting point so take a peek! Razin' minds, takin' names (competitive primer)

Thank You!


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