I had a previous Thassa deck that relied too heavily on getting out Stormtide Leviathan and a Akroma's Memorial or Levitate out. So instead of looking for ways to give creatures flying I looked into giving creatures islandwalk instead. I found cards like Lord of Atlantis to make creatures unblockable without using Thassa's ability and eventually it became what you see today. My Ideas were to basically turn the big guys into Merfolk to make them them even bigger and unblockable without Thassa so I can use that mana for other things in mid to late game. With Thassa I can make "when causes damage" effects happen so I have those, mostly for card draw. I use to put in a couple of Ninjas for that but I wanted card draw over other effects. With mono-blue I wanted every turn to be a land drop so drawing will help and it also gives me more options and combos with some other things in the deck. With Mono-Blue you would think that I would stuff this with a lot of counter spells but I did not want a control deck. Basically I want to draw cards and have the most creatures on the field that either do things to the opponent when they cause damage or help with the Merfolk or help draw cards or can hit really hard and disable an opponent. However I don't want to0 many activated abilities, the primary way I want to spend mana is to cast permanents and make creatures unblockable.


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