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Removing the black from Jund. This will be my Game day Deck.

Bristling Hydra Great 4 drop that is basically immune to at least the first removal spell and a good energy spender. After FNM i realized that i wanted to drop this guy turn 4 every game, so i popped 4 in the main. It's that good when you're meta is full of green black or mardu. Less good against saheeli.

Greenbelt Rampager This is a 1 mana 3/4. Let me say that again. 1 green mana....for a 3/4 creature. WHAT!? at worst it's a 3 green 3/4 which is still decent. Middle of the road it can pump up a longtusk cub for 2 green.

Glorybringer This card has overperformed tremendously in recent tournaments. It kills their Gideon in the air and blasts a creature out of the way.

Voltaic Brawler One of the better creatures in green red. 4 power trampler for 2 mana and one energy.

Longtusk Cub This card is good at almost all points in the game. A good energy sink and a good way to get energy because they don't want to block it if we have any.

Incendiary Flow This is in the main over any other burn spell because of it's versatility and cost. Magma Spray is better against aggro but doesn't hit face so against control it's almost dead. Collective Defiance costs 3 mana for 4 damage, so if they opponent is also running some glorybringers this might come in. Overall incendiary flow is best overall in game 1.

Sideboard Choices

Magma Spray With Cat Combo banned we don't need to run shock in the side anymore and running magma spray for Mardu is a better card against them.

Blossoming Defense This is basically a counterspell to any removal spell, but it can also be used to get in 2 more damage or to beat a bigger creature in a fight. Solid combat trick.

Khenra Charioteer I might be wayyyyyy too hyped for this card, but i don't know how many times i've said "if only my hydra, or 10/10 cub had trample...." I think this is going to be an all star. Only 2 copies because they really don't do much in multiples.

Rhonas the Indomitable Great God. 3 mana for a +2+0 and trample ability that turns him on all the time in my deck. I'm only running 2 because he is dead if we don't have any creatures. Also legendary rule. He might be sided out against decks that run 12+ removal spells.



FullmetalWes says... #1

20 lands seems a little risky even tho I know your curve tops at 4. Bloodrage Brawler is cool but I really don't know how much I like him for this, 3 toughness is dangerous with Harnessed Lightning being so popular and if they kill it you take a 2-for-1 since you had to discard, I see you have Fiery Temper that works with his discard but that means you'd have to play him off curve to cast temper and playing him anytime other than turn two might be underwhelming. Hazoret the Fervent likes a small hand but you seem to have a good enough curve that you wont dump your hand that fast? Bloodrage and Rhonas the Indomitable are good buddies tho. Ever consider Khenra Charioteer? He seems sweet for all your big guys that don't have trample. Insult / Injury seems like an amazing red aggro finisher if that's something you'd like. We'll never know until it gets played but that's my 2 cents. Stay slippery!

April 21, 2017 12:24 p.m.

Naj187 says... #2

FullmetalWes Yeah Bloodrage brawler just works too well with both Gods to cut, he often just discards the other one in your hand which you don't care about at that point. Also, Hazoret the Fervent can also discard temper for value, and this deck just needs some extra removal since it's not running black or white. I could put Magma Spray in the main, but then Saheeli combo just runs me over turn 4 every game 1. I love Khenra Charioteer but Rhonas the Indomitable can give any guy that doesn't have trample, trample. I think i'm even gonna cut the Charioteers in my Jund energy deck once i get the Rhonas's. Insult to Injury just seems too conditional...I'd really only REALLY want to play it if i have 6 mana to double up on the effects, i'd rather just play Uncaged Fury if i was going to play a combat trick and even better Blossoming Defense since it blanks removal.

April 21, 2017 1:10 p.m.

Naj187 says... #3

As for the 20 lands point.....Jund energy runs 20, runs 3 colors and has 5 drops and i flood lol. Attune with Aether is almost like 4 extra lands. Probably realistically like running an extra 2 in terms of land consistency.

April 21, 2017 1:12 p.m.

tony2zmax says... #4

You guy's have made a lot of solid points already. The only thing I can think to tip is maybe pull back a little on play sets of Legendary creatures. They might be big targets for removal and you'll be glad to have them, or you'll get stuck on a draw and not want to play a second until the next one draws it's warranted removal. IDK tho

Seems deec.

April 21, 2017 1:35 p.m.

Naj187 says... #5

tony2zmax i think the point of the playset of Rhonas the Indomitable is that he is busted and if i can get one out there....ever i probably win the game or get so far ahead that it's crazy. Also, with Hazoret or the Brawler, i can pitch the redundant copies for value. I definitely see where you're coming from though.

April 21, 2017 1:46 p.m.

FullmetalWes says... #6

Yeah good points. But @Naj187, only thing I don't get, how is insult/injury conditional? All you need to have is a half way decent board presence (which is definitely what you're going for), cast that and swing wide. Double damage...from all sources. I'm not saying you need it by any means, just a great finisher IMO. I'm really excited to see how nasty this is going to be.

April 21, 2017 1:47 p.m.

Naj187 says... #7

@FullmetalWes Yeah yeah, Insult to Injury is pretty amazing.....in limited at least! I cast it for 6 every time i played it there, but i don't know if i'd be able to wait that long in standard. Seems great in the pummeler deck or in Nichole's hastey deck.

April 25, 2017 9:07 a.m.

Naj187 says... #8

@FullmetalWes Sorry for all the bugging and obsession lol. I THINK this is the build i want to start out with. I lose black for sneks and fatal push, but i gain a lot of consistency at the top end with my Glory bringers. (over Black/Green) So Power + Ramp(Green Red) vs Synergy + Removal(Black Green) I definitely want to move away from 3 colors I think..

May 11, 2017 9:44 a.m.

FullmetalWes says... #9

@Naj187 No worries bro lol. I like this a lot. Between Harnessed Lightning and Incendiary Flow you should be fine on removal. This list is sexy and the only thing I might change is cutting 1 Rhonas and adding in another Servant of the Conduit or maybe that sweet Insult / Injury :)

May 11, 2017 10:28 a.m.

Naj187 says... #10

@FullmetalWes I just might make that adjustment to Rhonas the Indomitable and Servant of the Conduit because i want Glorybringer on turn 4 as much as possible! Also, who knows, i just might bring in Insult to Injury when i go up against you! I know i gotta do tons of damage lol.

May 11, 2017 11:27 a.m.

TheSuay says... #11

I like what you are doing here. It really has been difficult deciding on a deck to play, but you are on the same line as me. Only one suggestion as a possibility. Have you thought about Reality Smasher? Seems kind of odd I know, but stick with me for a moment. I have been playing a R/B Eldrazi'ish deck for a week now (only because I threw a deck together with what cards were on hand). Turn 5, drop Glorybringer swing and exert. Turn 6, drop the Reality Smasher and trample your way in. Turn 7, untap them both, swing and exert the Glorybringer. It has worked for me, however, that may be due to the meta at my LGS. Also, waste mana will not be hard with the Aether Hub and Servant of the Conduit.

May 19, 2017 12:07 p.m.

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