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Removing the black from Jund. This will be my Game day Deck.

Bristling Hydra Great 4 drop that is basically immune to at least the first removal spell and a good energy spender. After FNM i realized that i wanted to drop this guy turn 4 every game, so i popped 4 in the main. It's that good when you're meta is full of green black or mardu. Less good against saheeli.

Greenbelt Rampager This is a 1 mana 3/4. Let me say that again. 1 green mana....for a 3/4 creature. WHAT!? at worst it's a 3 green 3/4 which is still decent. Middle of the road it can pump up a longtusk cub for 2 green.

Glorybringer This card has overperformed tremendously in recent tournaments. It kills their Gideon in the air and blasts a creature out of the way.

Voltaic Brawler One of the better creatures in green red. 4 power trampler for 2 mana and one energy.

Longtusk Cub This card is good at almost all points in the game. A good energy sink and a good way to get energy because they don't want to block it if we have any.

Incendiary Flow This is in the main over any other burn spell because of it's versatility and cost. Magma Spray is better against aggro but doesn't hit face so against control it's almost dead. Collective Defiance costs 3 mana for 4 damage, so if they opponent is also running some glorybringers this might come in. Overall incendiary flow is best overall in game 1.

Sideboard Choices

Magma Spray With Cat Combo banned we don't need to run shock in the side anymore and running magma spray for Mardu is a better card against them.

Blossoming Defense This is basically a counterspell to any removal spell, but it can also be used to get in 2 more damage or to beat a bigger creature in a fight. Solid combat trick.

Khenra Charioteer I might be wayyyyyy too hyped for this card, but i don't know how many times i've said "if only my hydra, or 10/10 cub had trample...." I think this is going to be an all star. Only 2 copies because they really don't do much in multiples.

Rhonas the Indomitable Great God. 3 mana for a +2+0 and trample ability that turns him on all the time in my deck. I'm only running 2 because he is dead if we don't have any creatures. Also legendary rule. He might be sided out against decks that run 12+ removal spells.


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