The goblin asked,"Can I have a bigger sword please?". The weapons dealer said,"Sure, of course you can. How big?". Goblin replied,"Big enough to destroy the world!". The weapons dealer nodded with understanding. Then says,"I think we can do that.". He then adds,"Do you want to live after this?". Goblin replies with earnest,"That's an option?!". He laughed at the absurdity of his own question and replied calmly,"Yes, here's a good suit of armor, now go have fun."

              The following day...

The goblin strolls over to the blackened and scarred weapons dealer with a suit or armour akin to his and plops down before him with a grin on his face. He then asks with glee,"Can we do that again?!". The weapons dealer looks up from the ashes before him and with a chuckle responds,"As many times as you wish my little friend.".


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Okay everyone, tell me what you think of not only the deck but the story I gave it lol, made it for some lolz and I'm hoping I get the right responses. It's not meant to be competitive. The Paladin is the weapons dealer by the way ;) lol, just thought of that now after adding him in! god I'm good at this storyline stuff. However, if you find that it could be competitive let me know what you think and I'll see.

Comments are always welcome and encouraged here.


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