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Main strategy is of course to spam the battlefield with Relentless Rats and Pack Rat , by spawning them with no mana cost with Aether Vial . Mana is to be used for rat support cards such as Ogre Slumlord and Marrow-Gnawer, giving all rats deathtouch and fear. Also for creature removal which should slow down the game to give room for rat spawning. Swarmyard keeps your rats in play, though i might want to ad 2 more to optimise. If rats alone won't win you the game, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni comes in mid/late-game to grab opponent creatures in graveyard to finish them.

Bontu's Monument might be counterproductive to Aether Vial, but if it comes in early, it would speed up the deck drastically. Also it might take some agro from artifact removal, to keep Aether Vial on the battlefield.

Let me know if there is any flaws in this deck or if it can be optimised further!

*EDIT: Deck updated


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