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Version 1 of my take on the Necrotic Ooze Combo for the Innistrad Standard format.

This deck attempts to maximize use of the Necrotic Ooze/Civilized Scholar Combo while allowing the deck to still fuction with plan B's and C's.

With Civilized Scholar in the graveyard, you can use Necrotic Ooze to discard creatures indefinetly untill you have no more creatures in hand. Since Necrotic Ooze is not a Dual Face Card it has no ability to transform. This is the primary engine of the deck. If you get Grimgrin and Batman (Bloodline Keeper) in the grave, you can create a bat and sac to necrotic ooze indefinetly and attack with a giant ooze.

Every other card in the deck is designed to deal with threats to give you time assemble your combo.

Also, it is important to note that you should realize that the deck can simply go agro and win with your creatures. Civilized Scholar can put your opponent on a quick clock.

Chump blocking with a civilized scholor is not the end of the world, you wanted it in the grave anyways right?

Check out a futher explaination at http://deckbrewery.blogspot.com/

Update 10/24/11

Droped White infavor of a better mana base. Added Jace, Memory Adepts as a secondary win-con and combo enabler.Added Drownyards to speed up combo.More removal to survive early game in this meta.


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