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Nayan soldier tribal EDH

This deck is fairly straightforward, not meant to be tournament winning or anything but good enough for more than kitchen-table night. When kitchen-table night gets more serious.

As is the case with soldiers this deck has a lot to do with token spawning and buffing. Assemble the Legion, Cathar's Crusade, and Anointed procession are a token spawning combo that if left unchecked delivers massive numbers and buffs. I know I could raise this further with Doubling Season but I decided against it as this deck has enough 4 or 5 drop enchantments.

An Elspeth or 2 in any kind of token deck is almost a given. As is the case here.

Coat of Arms, Vanquisher's Banner, and Glory of Warfare all give even more buffs. As does my commander if I'm attacking you directly.

Aggressive Mammoth provides trample for all involved. I know I could use something cheaper like Gruul War Plow or Nylea, God of the Hunt but I chose the mammoth to be different.

Urabrask provides haste for all involved.

Tajic, Legion's Edge prevents all non-combat damage to my creatures. Great for dealing with burn decks!

Brave the Sands and Captain of the Watch provide vigilance as well as more blocking options in the case of the former.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar keeps me ahead of my opposition by forcing their creatures and non-basic lands into play tapped. In EDH, non-basic lands coming into play tapped all the time can be a real problem.

Rhythm of the Wild prevents opposition from countering my creatures as well as the added bonus of giving non-token creatures riot, helpful if I don't yet have Urabrask on the field.

Between Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Elspeth, Knight Errant ult ability I can make everything I control indestructible, protecting me from Wrath of God, Dammnation, Supreme Verdict, and the like. So the only removal that could trouble me is exiling.

On the exile front, Aegis of the Gods, Asceticism, and Privileged Position make all of my stuff hexproof. Helping protect me from removal further. Only boardwipe I know that could trouble me is Merciless Eviction.

Devout Invocation could be a game ending card depending on when I cast it and how many angels, potentially with haste, that I could kick out.

Dryad Militant exiles all instant and sorcery spells after they're used so against a more spell heavy deck this could ruin their day and/or force them to not cast spells if the can't afford to lose them.

Throw in some land fetches, burn spells and other goodies and my Nayan soldier deck is complete!

Suggestions always welcome!


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