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Naya Vexing Pelt Aggro

Modern Aggro Jank RGW (Naya) Zoo



The idea of the deck is to grow a turn one pelt collector/experiment one with aggressive creatures to end the game by turn 4 before your opponent can get their deck rolling. Vexing devil is a cheap way to push damage and evolve pelt collector & experiment one. Avatar of the resolute is another cheap potential fat creature with reach to help enable evolve and if allowed to attack can push through massive damage or get through other large creatures. Strangleroot geist and narnam renegade are to provide more +1 counter synergy for avatar of the resolute while also being pains to deal with due to undying and deathtouch. Selfless spirit is to provide protection for the creatures while also having a body that evolves pelt collector. Groundbreaker and reckless bushwhacker are for the final blow. Lightning bolt and atarka's command are versatile damage. Risk factor is for longer games/land flood protection that need just a few more lightning bolts or atarka's commands to be ended. Any tips are appreciated.


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