My version is based on a traditonal and I'd Champion YOUR Parish Naya Blitz Deck but its Based on my preferences and play style.

The goal is to beef up and bum rush the enemy with Champion of the Parish and activate Boros Elite 's Battalion ability ASAP.

If facing against a similar Deck Sideboard in removal spells and Boros Reckoner and Blind Obedience to bring the pace to a screeching halt for your opponent and or Fiend Hunter if you really need more removal or facing against control decks.

Volcanic Strength when going up against aggro decks mostly if its against Red deck wins, Rakdos or Boros decks.

Rest in Peace- To deal with Scavenge and Voice decks

The rest of my side board speaks for itself frankly..

Suggestions are greatly appreciated. + 1 if you like this deck.


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I went 4-5 in the PTQ this weekend facing NOTHING but Jund decks and one Red deck wins.

I was able to beat most of the Jund Midrange (The expensive type) decks and the one Red deck wins, But it came down to luck simply. I never had a bad hand. All matches we're close games, except Red Deck wins which during round 5 where I demolished it.

Basically First 3 rounds I won undefeated then finally lost to a Jund Midrange in Round 4, Demolished Red deck win in Round 5. From there I lost again to Jund by the skin of their Teeth (Miracle Bonfire sucks) and once more against a Unburial rights deck.where I couldn't get my Rest in Peace or Scavenging Ooze out fast enough. From there I stopped caring and just played for the fun of it

This deck can go toe to toe with Jund Midrage it just some down to luck rea;;y.


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