Alright, so this deck is a different twist on the current Naya midrange. Instead of the usual Naya stuff, I've taken out the Boros/Selesnya Charms and cut down some creatures. So you might've noticed, no Restoration Angel/Thragtusk/Huntmaster, those cards are out of my range at the moment and well, I thought I'd run something different. I'm running a lot of spells like Faith's Shield, Mizzium, Spears and even O-Ring's, and as a backup, Blasphemous Act (works well with Reckoner and simultaneously a decent boardwipe). Domri and Garruk are primarily for card drawing and making sure, but Garruk's +1 and Domri's -2 are both great additions to this deck. I'm running Entreat as a 1 of for it's miracle cost, debating whether or not to run 2. My win condition is primarily creatures + wolf run, but I can see Blasphemous Act + Reckoner working.

So, you guys see anything I could change to make this deck FNM competitve or better?


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