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pie chart Naya Lightsaber (world champ standard, 2009)



Piloted by Andre Coimbra.

Designed by Mike Flores.

Decklist from: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/eventcoverage/worlds09/topstandarddecks

Hear Flores discuss the deck on the Top 8 Magic podcast:http://www.top8magic.com/2009/11/podcast-post-worlds-with-bdm-and-flores-part-1/

Notes:- Coimbra only went 4-2 day 1. - Flores thinks people are designing decks "the wrong way." He thinks the right way is to (1) play all the best cards (2) make sure you can play them reliably and quickly. Thus the deck has no tri-lands and doesn't run anything Flores considers "bad", notably Sprouting Thrinax.

There are some interesting synergies here but nothing incredible. Coimbra apparently won one game by using Eos to get all 4 Noble Hierarch's on the table and just repeatedly attacking with a single Ranger.

Ranger can get Scute Mob and Wild Nacatl and NH. Pretty wicked.


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