the ultimate burn deck, everything burns, has answers to the most common modern threats such as lifegains and fogs via Skullcrack counterspells via Exquisite Firecraft, large creatures (Ensnaring Bridge)Searing Blaze, artifacts and enchantments such as Wurmcoil EngineCranial PlatingLeyline of Sanctity via Destructive Revelry, urza/amulet bloom/affinity/man lands Molten Rain, and finally a counter mirrror burn with Kor Firewalker this burn deck is built to ensure answers to all of its possible weaknesses


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replaced skullcrack with atarka's command, switched out a mountain for a 2nd stomping ground

-4 Skullcrack-1 Mountain+4 Atarka's Command+1 Stomping Ground


removed cards less fitting to burns theme and situationally effective, added skullcrack if atarka's isnt enough to get through lifegain and (most importantly) damage prevention, replaced combust with its new cheaper variant, rending volley.

-2 Kor Firewalker-1 Tormod's Crypt-1 Torpor Orb-3 Combust

+4 Skullcrack+3 Rending Volley

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