Feral Fungus Among us!

They're everywhere! Fungus are sprouting up under your bed!

What are fungus good at in standard these days? EVERYTHING! Swarming, constant 1 damage pings to the face, they heal, they come back from the grave, they benefit from being board-wiped, AND they have pretty decent draw power. It's a very strong tribe.

This deck is tuned to be a fast kill, but includes a midrange value package. I removed most of the control from the mainboard to speed up the consistent creatures from turns 1-4. Sporecrown Thallid makes even 1/1 tokens into something surprisingly deadly.But the best trick to pull is playing Torgaar, Famine Incarnate on turn 3 which sets your opponent's HP to 10... YES HALF DEAD ON TURN 3... Llanowar Elves + Saproling Migration on turns 1 and 2 gives you the 3 creatures to sac for him. Turn 4 you get to swing with a 7/6 at an opponent who only has 10 HP. If they can't block then this is going to be such a fast game that even Mono-red players will be jealous.

Dying Creatures possibly from Fungal Plots trigger both Slimefoot, the Stowaway and Poison-Tip Archer.

Obviously this deck was kept on something of a budget. I tried to keep it under $100 even with fast duel lands!

I have to say that on paper Fungal Infection looks really harmless but in reality it VERY often makes the difference in combat between trading and chump blocking. The instant speed saproling is great! This card also kills off most mana dorks and mono red aggro creatures. It's Much better in practice than it appears on paper.

I was thinking about using Fraying Omnipotence mainboard. After your oppoent loses half their life you sac your creatures for 1-2 damage a piece then swing to finish if that's even needed.


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