Allow me, Ravos, to give you warm greetings from our Great Nation of the Mulitudes

My partner, Tana, and I have conquered land on Ixalan, Traveled with the guilds on Ravinca, Explored the heights and depths on Zendikar, Had visions with shamans on Tarkir, Partook in the investigation on Innistrad, Adventured on Dominaria, Conversed with the gods on Theros, Talked with Phyrexians on New Phyrexia, Witnessed the downfall of Amonkhet And flew with dragons on Alara.

There has never been a dull moment with us. We have made friends from all walks of life, (and afterlife). From the ruthless eldrazi, the brainless undead, the mightiest soldiers, the highest gods and the smallest plants. We do not discriminate against any species which is what makes our nation ever strong and ever growing.

Perks from our nation include a strong army, the best protection one can ask for, and a variety of interesting citizens to converse with. There's cities to explore, mountians to climb, swamps to discover, forests to explore, Plains to relax, and monuments that tower and breach the skies.

We hope you enjoy your stay and would love for another citizen in our ever expanding nation.

Sincerely, Ravos, soultender

_(SIDE NOTE-) I tried to make the deck have no infinite combos. I acknowledge that it closes out games but I think it's a cheap way to win. So. I wanted to win with the most basic strategy. Attack and try to win.

Purphoros, impact tremors and throne of the God Pharaoh are there when you can't attack.

It still needs work but I'm pretty proud of it. Any suggestions would help.

(Gaea's cradle is a custom proxy but a part of the deck)


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59% Competitive