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First of all, Welcome to my Palace of Stax. Ill begin this primer with a quote from the deck creator.

To quote the original creator of this deck. "In fact, this deck actively discourages all combo. All combos playing against this deck will promptly have their combo pieces discarded and have their face beaten in with 1/1 squirrels as punishment." - Coinman1863

This is the final version of this deck, as such, the ONLY changes that will be made now will be set to set modifications or foil changes.

This variant of Coinman1863's Nath Stax was developed in response to a competitive meta forming at my game shop. With the development of decks such as The Locust God and Nekusar being a thing, as were Teferi Chain Veil and Edric, this deck came to my possession to combat such decks. While still incomplete, it allows for the same set ups that the deck is designed to have. The typical Bob for additional cards, the Necropotence to ensure that you can keep filling your hand. THe essential Stax pieces to ensure no one does anything while you set up. And lastly, the finale, the combos. The package that puts away the long game. Torment of Hailfire Death Cloud Pox Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest The package that ensures a mutually ensured destruction of the pod I am in. Now on to the primer.

As such, this deck has been designed to basically force your opponent to waste resources to cast things, and be punished in the process.Key cards in this deck that I have seen are:

Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf + Sadistic Hypnotist

Mana Web + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Helm of Obedience + Leyline of the Void (Sideboard Combo)

and the famous:

Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

This deck is constructed to work in both a multiplayer format and a head to head format, with a lot of the sideboard cards being sided in and out depending on what you are playing. As my LGS is more into multiplayer games, I find that my deck stays in a Multiplayer attitude for most of the time. It punishes the entire board while removing crucial pieces from ALL enemies you have. This deck does not need to function of the power of tutors like other decks, but rather, it functions off of the stupidity of the opponents you play against.

The overall goal of this deck is to strip win conditions and combo pieces out of players hands as quickly as possible and remove them in the fashion that you see fit from the game. Deathrite Shaman seems to do this quite well with Faerie Macabre. Seedborn Muse is a possible implementation into this deck later on, but I do not guarantee that she will become part due to the need for combo pieces in the deck to make her function.

Paradox Engine seems useless in this deck, which is why it isn't in. I'd ask what it will do for the deck overall and it doesn't provide enough power to get me what i want. I want to discard hands and bring people to nothing. Stax. Paradox Engine does good things for that, BUT, you need the tools. Without Helm of Obedience the deck doesn't require Paradox Engine. Please leave Paradox Engine out of suggestions. Thank you

While this deck does not work very well vs the Dark Depths, it does function rather well in the over head against combo effective EDH's. It is NOT a 70% deck by any means. Nor is this deck one that you can build and play casually with friends. If you are looking to have haters, then you've come to the right deck. People will know why this is called the Palace of Stax by the time you are done playing the deck.

A few extra things to note. This deck has a long sideboard list. The reason for this is the specific Meta you play in. There will be some cards that you may not want to play in multiplayer situations. Inquisition of Kozilek Thoughtseize Duress Cabal Therapy are some of the ones that have been sided out for single 1 on 1 games. This is to ensure the effectiveness of the deck and in many ways, to slow some decks down.

Defense Grid is also in this list if you are playing against blue on 1 v 1 situations. While we have many cards that can be played for this exact outline, you want to usually keep this deck towards the multiplayer format. (Or so my deck is currently) However, there are OBVIOUS cards that can come out of this deck for head to head.

Thanks for the time guys! Make sure to upvote this deck if you like it!

This deck is VERY heavily influenced by Coinman1863 and his Nath Stax deck. (link below)

Combo? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Combo


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