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THIS DECK IS RETIRED. I will no longer be updating this deck, or adding onto this. I suggest going to Coinman1863 Nath Stax deck (Link below)

First of all, Welcome to my Palace of Stax. Ill begin this primer with a quote from the deck creator.

To quote the original creator of this deck. "In fact, this deck actively discourages all combo. All combos playing against this deck will promptly have their combo pieces discarded and have their face beaten in with 1/1 squirrels as punishment." - Coinman1863

This is the final version of this deck, as such, the ONLY changes that will be made now will be set to set modifications or foil changes.

This variant of Coinman1863's Nath Stax was developed in response to a competitive meta forming at my game shop. With the development of decks such as The Locust God and Nekusar being a thing, as were Teferi Chain Veil and Edric, this deck came to my possession to combat such decks. While still incomplete, it allows for the same set ups that the deck is designed to have. The typical Bob for additional cards, the Necropotence to ensure that you can keep filling your hand. THe essential Stax pieces to ensure no one does anything while you set up. And lastly, the finale, the combos. The package that puts away the long game. Torment of Hailfire Death Cloud Pox Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest The package that ensures a mutually ensured destruction of the pod I am in. Now on to the primer.

As such, this deck has been designed to basically force your opponent to waste resources to cast things, and be punished in the process. Key cards in this deck that I have seen are:

Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest = Infinite Squirrels

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf + Sadistic Hypnotist = All opponents have no hand

Mana Web + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth = Tap 1, tap all

Helm of Obedience + Leyline of the Void = Infinite Mill

Root Maze + Tsabo's Web = No Fetching

and the famous:

Cabal Coffers + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth = As much black mana as you have lands

This deck is constructed to work in both a multiplayer format and a head to head format, with a lot of the sideboard cards being sided in and out depending on what you are playing. As my LGS is more into multiplayer games, I find that my deck stays in a Multiplayer attitude for most of the time. It punishes the entire board while removing crucial pieces from ALL enemies you have. This deck does not need to function of the power of tutors like other decks, but rather, it functions off of the stupidity of the opponents you play against.

The overall goal of this deck is to strip win conditions and combo pieces out of players hands as quickly as possible and remove them in the fashion that you see fit from the game. Deathrite Shaman seems to do this quite well with Faerie Macabre.

It is NOT a 70% deck by any means. This is NOT a deck you can build and play casually with friends. If you are looking to have haters, then you've come to the right deck. People will know why this is called the Palace of Stax by the time you are done playing the deck.

Lets get into the strategy of this deck:

Typically our opening hand wants to have 3 key components.

  1. Mana

  2. Mana Rock

  3. Stax Piece or Ramp

A good opening hand would be:

Bayou, Forest, Sol Ring, Nature's Lore, Deathrite Shaman, Nether Void, Marsh Flats.

This is your semi-ideal opening hand. It gives us a lot of versatility and shows what our gameplan is going to be for a few turns.

So, we have our Hypothetical opening hand. What are we going to do with it? Typically, the answer is Marsh Flats -> Overgrown Tomb (Shocked in) -> Deathrite Shaman or Sol Ring.

Depending on which route you take, depends on the turn 2.

If its Deathrite Shaman, we only have 2 options for that turn. Bayou -> Nature's Lore -> Sol Ring.

If we played Sol Ring: Bayou -> Nature's Lore -> Deathrite Shaman.

The 2nd scenario gives us a better outlook of what's to come for a turn 3. Where turn 3 in this situation IS Nath no matter which option you picked.

Turn 4 (Depending on card draw) can be a tricky one. Knowing we are starting to build up hordes of creatures, our opponent is goign to be looking to target us. This is probably where we want to do a mana check. How much does the blue player have open? Are they tapped out? (no pun intended) We are in a good state to lock the board down with a Nether Void or if we drew into it Trinisphere. Both of these are usable plays that we can make to start slowing the game down till we have some tutors at our disposal (If we don't already.)

Turn 5 (Depending on the play from turn 4): If we dropped Trinisphere then this is an easy turn cause we probably just play Nether Void knowing it costs 3 to cast any counterspell unless its Force or Foil. So we want to really make them pay our taxes. If we drew into a tutor this turn, we probably want to use that up right away. We have a number of tutors at our disposal in this deck, so a Worldly Tutor, effectively ends the game.

Why do I say this? Worldly Tutor finds Sadistic Hypnotist If he resolves we are the only one with a hand the rest of the game and we build up our army of Elves. It becomes a game of attrition where we have the advantage in cards.

If its any other tutor, we usually will tutor Priest of Titania (If she is already in play we go to option B) Option B: Torment of Hailfire

We've locked the board up, we can go in for the kill, if our Torment is countered we have other ways to get the victory. Namely, Squirrels. We go for Squirrel Craft combo by playing the Stax game. Attrition is what Stax loves. We love making them play through attrition, we hurting them means we get the game. More than likely the game will end through a pox effect, or Squirrels at this point. Or they find a way to combo out. Typically, comboing out vs us isn't that easy. So there combo has to be in the graveyard (Hence why we play Deathrite Shaman early game) With no combo in graveyard, it means they have to really play smart and win through damage or top decking.

A tutor for us means we've probably won the game by this point.

I bid a warning. TRIGGERS ARE HUGE IN THIS DECK. We have 9 Upkeep triggers and 2 draw step trigger (If we don't have Necropotence on the field) 1 Draw Trigger and 9 Upkeep triggers otherwise


I have a golden rule with this one, while we sideboard, we look for our weak links and we add in where we hurt.

Typical cards to side out: Maelstrom Pulse

Bottomless Pit

Root Maze

Damnation (Potentially)

So, I targeted these 4 cards for a reason. Maelstrom Pulse, I found to be good vs decks that are tribal love. However, against blue it is a biohazard for us as most blue decks run a Misdirection spell of some kind.

Bottomless Pit I found this card to be a very POWERFUL card, but also a very dangerous card for us. By randomizing cards, we take the chance that a combo piece we've drawn into gets discarded from our hand. This can cause some pretty bad things to happen to us in game.

Root Maze while this card seems like a VERY powerful card, it works great in my Meta. However, that doesn't mean it works great in all Meta's. Playing in an Artifact heavy Meta, this card works perfectly fine for me. And I abuse that privilege. But it stax on us as well. Lands ETB tapped, one Back to Basics later, and we are doomed.

Finally, Damnation. Why do we want to remove a POTENTIAL game changer for a sideboard card? What is Damnation going to do vs combo decks? Absolutely nothing but wipe our board state. So then, why didn't I remove Toxic Deluge as well? Good question, its because Deluge hits indestructible. Damnation, we need another piece to hit indestructible. And I don't want to incorporate 1 piece just for 1 card. Damnation is very well known to be the black Wrath of God Which is perfectly fine to us. We love the card in the deck vs creature heavy decks. BUT, vs combo it isn't too important. It's a game changer vs Tier 1 decks like Edric, if it resolves. But we are talking about situational things again, and this deck tends to not like situational cards for situational games. I would rather use an Abrupt Decay to remove a 1-3 drop pest on the field that'll kill me over a Damnation that kills my board. I COULD drop in Heroic Intervention but I find it is a waste of a card for the deck right now as we are NOT a punchy face deck until we get our combo. If our combo fails, we always have Torment of Hailfire , Death Cloud , Pox and if we sided it in Exsanguinate


Exsanguinate is in the SB, why not the MB?

Exsanguinate is not in our mainboard due to lack of space for it. While it is a GREAT card in the deck, we find that just adding it from SB to MB works perfectly fine and catches our opponent off guard when we cast to kill.

Why Nath over Glissa, Meren, Mazirek?

Nath's functionality is why he is the commander. It seems that every one of the other commanders listed above has an answer to them in 1 or 2 cards. I.E: Leyline of the Void + Rest in Peace So we run Nath with near 0 reanimator cards Volrath's Stronghold is our only "Reanimator-esk" card in the deck. With this knowledge, Nath's plan of attack to rip cards from the opponents hand seems significant in a way that we can completely dispose of there game plan.

Why do we play Chains of Mephistopheles with Sylvan Library?

This is quite a easy answer. We don't do Library trigger. But we do Dark Confidant + Dark Tutelage triggers instead to get extra cards. We get Necropotence Triggers. We get draws for life. And with Chains in play, it stops blue decks from getting out of hand with there draw power. We actively discourage drawing extra cards. I have thought about making this BUG Stax a few times and adding in Notion Thief with a way to give him to my opponent for when someone plays a Consecrated Sphinx.

In previous updates you talked about Orb of Dreams a lot. Why is it not in the MB anymore?

Orb of Dreams I thought was a superb card for this deck. It did everything that I wanted it to do, BUT it impacted us hard. I found that dropping a Root Maze turn 1 was just as good. The bigger issue is that I needed another piece to make Orb of Dreams a go to card. I needed Amulet of Vigor in play to make it a viable card. Because of this, I initially tested "Amulet of Dreams" and I found it to be sub-par. Only happening rarely, and Root Maze became a more effective thing as my Meta grew into a more Artifact loving Meta. So we wanted to focus on taxing lands and artifacts early game. In order to tax them early game, we needed a very selective hand that involved 2 mana rocks that are 0 drops and 1 mana (Or if it was a Crypt/Vault just cast off of that) But the punishment for the card, was a huge burden. It slowed the deck down significantly to where I didn't like where it was going. Instead of being a lackluster deck, I decided to cut it for Root Maze which was the most effective option possible at the time.

Any and all other questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I will post in the Q&A/FAQ

Thanks for the time guys! Make sure to upvote this deck if you like it!

This deck is VERY heavily influenced by Coinman1863 and his Nath Stax deck. (link below)

Combo? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Combo


Updates Add

Over the course of the past week, we have made some changes to the deck. Damping Sphere Dark Deal Maelstrom Pulse Crop Rotation have all been moved to the sideboard. Currently we are testing the deck without Crop Rotation, but will most likely re-add in the near future if testing does not pan out how we want.

We gained .10 avg CMC with the additions of Helm of Obedience Leyline of the Void Mana Web Bottomless Pit and Tsabo's Web to the deck. However, we feel that these additions will make the deck much smoother.

Over the past few months we have tried cards in the slot of Bottomless Pit such as Cursed Rack and Dark Deal however we felt that Bottomless Pit is the option that we keep in the slot of the deck.

We also tried out Ensnaring Bridge in the deck and it does EXACTLY what we want it to do. (for the longest time this card has been in our sideboard, it now can be mainboarded by removing Mana Web or Tsabo's Web

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