The original inspiration for this deck came when I wanted to build a deck in which Narset Transcendent would function well. I was happy to learn that her parallel self works well with the same types of cards.

I have heard of how Narset can be one of those typical voltron commanders which demands that players focus on her immediately. Many people build Narset combo decks where it is true that no one can afford to let her swing even once because of the high density of extra turns and extra combat spells. I decided that my Narset deck would seek to be a "fair" Narset, or at least as fair as she can be. The first step for that is the 100% exclusion of any extra turns or combats.

This Narset deck uses equipment and auras to pump up Narset. There is also a small super friends sub theme. The unique theme in this deck is that it contains no creature spells, but still uses a tokens theme. The tokens mostly get used as blockers and for sacrifice fodder when I am forced to sac creatures. Tokens also allow the deck to continue to function without its general even though it moves much slower without the four free cards per turn.


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I have made a number of changes over the past week or two. Altogether they represent moving Narset in a good direction. I cut out all the circles of protection and that freed up space for some more mana rocks and a couple of other cards that will work really well here. There have been a couple of planeswalkers added and so now there is an emerging super friends sub theme starting.

The deck continues to be extra-turn, extra-combat, and creature free!

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