A (hopefully) pretty unique take on a Narset lead. Rather than go for infinite combos with Narset, you're looking more to hit battle instants: instant spells that give creatures +/+ or give them unique abilities.

The deck has a few things that make it go off: Mirrorwing Dragon : Hitting the so-called battle-instants and targeting Mirrorwing places the bonuses on all of you creatures. Suddenly, all of your creatures have got +6/+6 and first strike and lifelink for combat. Zada, Hedron Grinder : Same as Mirrorwing Dragon. Applies your battle spells to all your creatures.. Flying Crane Technique : Flying and double strike seals the deal, turning your battle creatures into dangerous throat-punchers.

I'm really looking for some advice on the best creatures to cut (cause I know there's some unnecessaries), which planeswalkers are really unnecessary, and which if there are better instants than the ones I currently have. Thanks for any advice!


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