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Narset, the Last Airmerican

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Narset EDH combo featuring the usual tricks. This list isn't quite 100% optimized because I own it in paper. As a personal choice, I don't run off-color fetches in EDH, though that shouldn't make much difference in the deck's performance. There are a couple expensive cards that I can't realistically afford at this time, but the deck is more or less fully optimized. Cards that are missing include: Lion's Eye Diamond, the three on-color ABU Duals, and Capture of Jingzhao. Capture and LED are the most likely to get added in the future to this list. This deck is based off of Garta's list, which can be found on his profile or the EDH tier list on TappedOut. I run a few different cards, but the gist of the deck is pretty much the same. I've moved away from MLD because it does not seal the game in competitive circles the way I'd like due to the ubiquity of mana dorks and fast mana in the format.

Since I love Narset as a creature and want to be able to play her more than once in a night of EDH, I have a secondary list, also on my profile, that removes all the extra turns and combats, cuts some of the fast mana, and turns the list into a Stax Superfriends list that I fondly refer to as "Narset, Justice League America."

The secondary list swaps out more than 50 cards from this competitive one, effectively making them completely different decks. I keep all the cards in the same sleeves for ease of swapping and reference a hidden reference list on TappedOut to remember which cards come out from either list.


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