A take on Grixis Delver

This is still testing out what the new Standard will look like after RTR comes out. Grixis has some really good stuff and my U/B delver deck has done pretty well lately. So I'm experimenting to see if a Grixis delver deck would be useful.

So for this idea, obviously some decent removal is necessary, Pillar of Flame is gonna be awesome with the scavenge guys and undying in the new standard. Dreadbore is unreal and will be perfect for this deck. Tragic Slip for some added help and quick removal.

For mass removal there is only one answer Bonfire of the Damned.

Cantrips are in short supply so Thought Scour will be added here and while Index doesn't really give the draw, it will at least instantly give us a better chance of finding the right cards or setting up a miracle bonfire.

For the creatures its pretty simple, Snapcaster Mage because he's the best card in standard besides Bonfire of the Damned. Delver of Secrets  Flip and I went with Talrand, Sky Summoner because it should be pretty easy to get him out and its always fun killing off creatures and then getting a 2/2 drake as well.

Feedback and help with a sideboard is always helpful.


Updates Add

Went added a couple more Think Twice to the deck. Added a couple cards to the maybeboard and we'll see how it goes there. Still not convinced in the Unsummon vs. Silent Departure argument and would prefer to have the flashback of silent departure to the instant speed of unsummon.

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