After playing Food Chain decks for a pretty long time, I wanted to change the pace of the game and find something new to feel comfortable playing. With Battlebond coming out, I immediately fell in love with Najeela. Starting with list that were all over the place, testing and found a sweet spot playing stax version of her.

Seeing two awesome builds that utilize two other archetypes, beautiful Flash/Hulk combo from ChaosHazard [cEDH] You can't beat me! I'm full of tinier men!, and great tempo build from Pongo_Pygmaeu5 Warrior Queen [Najeela Midrange/Tempo cEDH Primer] I wanted to make this, budget version of stax to make third option viable.

Since this is a stax version, there is few main differences when compared with other builds. Main of course running cards that make your opponents turns a lot harder and having an easier way to start of with your combos to end the game. Since Najeela is such and awesome and versatile card, it would be a huge shame not to run combo package to end the game with it. Najeela alone is an awesome engine, that requires little to gain much. Stax pieces that this deck runs are there to stop tier 1 Commanders like Zur, Flash/Hulk decks, and doomsday decks from executing their game plan like they are used to.
Deck runs three main combos that pretty much every Najeela deck should run.

Nature's Will is the most easiest to run and finish the game with. According to the board state you can adapt your game, so with Will out of the picture, you can finish the game either with untapping things with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician and when your board is wide enough tap down possible blockers to have your team swing for win. Last option Druids' Repository works great in a removal light games, and can work great when your lands are being destroyed or some effect like Blood Moon is preventing you from comboing of easy.

Since main plan of this deck is to ruin other peoples game while our board progresses, playing stax pieces is where it will gain the most if played correctly.

  • Containment Priest and Rest in Peace are two cards you will definitely love playing, especially when playing against graveyard based decks, like Karador, Tasigur and pretty much every deck that has Protean Hulk as their win con. Playing them early can be crucial in turning others to kill that player while your card is preventing them from comboing off.
  • Stony Silence and Kataki, War's Wage are just back braking against decks that are artifact based, like Jhoira, Teferi, and pretty much every storm deck that has Aetherflux Reservoir as a their win condition.
  • Aven Mindcensor is great against tutoring, specially against decks that run lots of fetches or look for their combo pieces.
  • Stranglehold similar like Mindcensor, Stranglehold prevents tutoring, while having an added benefit of preventing infinite turns players from going off.
  • Notion Thief might be a 4 mana card, but it is just great overall, playing it in response to a Brainstorm or big Faithless Looting is just devastating to your opponents hands. Specially with Edric in play.
  • Darksteel Mutation is a card I added lately and it works pretty good in preventing commanders that are necessary to be in play for a deck to work.
  • Base of the deck is pretty much a control in Sultai colors, so playing a controly game is crucial, and sometimes sandbaging will be your best way of comboing off.
Since this deck is what I play in paper, it still has some possible cards that it could run. Obviously, having OG duals and the rest of fetches is what first comes to mind. Force of Will and Enlightened Tutor are cards that would be instant addition here. With low artifact count Null Rod is also great to add. Gilded Drake is great in games where you can get someones crucial creatures under your control. Depending on your meta, Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast can be really great to add. With the release of the Ravnica Allegiance one card stood out and will be added here as soon as I get my hand on her and that is Lavinia, Azorius Renegade .


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