Why Najeela Superfriends???

Access to all 5 colors, a 3cmc back-up plan in the Command Zone, has some synergy with the Token Sub-Theme of the deck, and last but not least the Extra Combats are not unimportant. Due to Najeela combo'ing easily I have included Derevi and Druids' Repository as back-up plans when the Friends are being hated on too hard.

The Master Plan

The idea is to abuse Planeswalker's multiple times per turn and/or ultimate them through easier means. As an addition we also have access to infinite turns and Planeswalker activations via combo.

Recursion in the Presence of Legends

Included in the design is another couple of Sub-Themes. Graveyard recursion in several forms both permanent based and spell based. This allows us several paths to get important pieces back. The Legendary part serves to bolster the number of threats within the deck as several of the Legendary cards are big Headache's for our opponents.

Looking to Play High Efficiency Superfriends?


This was my first Superfriends adventure and still my best, though the budget has a much higher ceiling. This one focuses more heavily on the early game, even lighter in the Planeswalker department, way less creatures, and relies more heavily on instants and sorceries to control the happenings of the game. There is a heavy amount of library manipulation, shuffle, draw, & thinning present to out value the table and always have the cards we want/need.


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