Esper Mythseize is a midrange deck that can utilize disruption and value spells to great effect. To facilitate its signature threat Myth Realized , it uses discard effects to carve a worry-free path for its monk avatar. When piloting the deck your main challenge is to evaluate when to make "myth reality".

0.0 Disclaimer:

In the primer I'll explain the deck's concept, individual cards and outline the sideboard strategy. One day I hope to have a more detailed gameplay and matchup write-up. I'm always looking for improvements, so changes are to be expected. If you ever decide to pilot the deck, I would appreciate if you preserved the deck's name.

1.0 Deck design:

For the Mythseize archetype I have chosen to divide spells into three main categories.

1. Fuel:

Cards that can replace themselves - while triggering Myth Realized - as they look for action.

2. Grip:

Cards which allow us to keep phase with our opponent and interfere whenever they try to get past us.

3. Thrust:

Cards that eventually brings the opponent from twenty to zero.

The key to pilot this deck is to realize that "fuel" doesn't develop our game plan alone. Therefore be cautious about opening hands which only contains "fuel", and no "grip" nor "thrust".

1.1 History:

When the delve creatures and Death's Shadow was introduced to the format you were, with some tweaking, able to deploy highly proactive threats for the mere cost of one mana. Traditionally, when playing 'control,' going on the offensive meant that you either sacrificed a defensive position or had exhausted the opponent beforehand. But, the delve mechanic and Death's Shadow left enough resources available for reactive spells to be cast. These threats made it possible to turn the corner much faster than usual, making the color paring especially potent with its reach, efficient beaters and newfound value-town in the form of Kolaghan's Command .

My belief is that Myth Realized has similar potential. However, it's important to realize that "Esper Mythseize" doesn't play like Grixis Control / Shadow. Tasigur, the Golden Fang , Gurmag Angler and Death's Shadow becomes huge threats or defenders once resolved, whereas Myth Realized requires activation. The pros, I'd argue, are that it doesn't rely on the graveyard / life total, eventually grows bigger, and doesn't die to removal until you’re ready to commit. The cons are that we don’t apply pressure quite as fast, and that we must pay if we want to block. However, these weaknesses are accounted for in the deck design.

1.2 Honest review - Myth Realized:

Myth Realized is a cheap beater with increasing threat level. It grows stronger as you interact with your opponent, meaning that it can provide "face" to a proactive and interactive midrange playstyle. Its most apparent drawback is that it must be animated, meaning that you’re prone to early creature aggression. However, the same trait also means that you can sweep the board without hurting your avatar(s). There’s also worth noting that I've found Myth Realized to be surprisingly solid against decks like "Burn" and "Titanshift".

While the deck design ensures multiple 'lore counters', the process isn't particularly aggressive. There is also a risk of not finding the monk avatar early. Its 'wind-up' nature means that the longer the game goes on the worse Myth becomes as a top-deck. Lingering Souls , Snapcaster Mage and Celestial Colonnade can provide a beatdown should we fail to find our Myths. But since these threats are on the slower side you might face a challenge if your monk(s) arrive later than turn two / three against "Combo," "Tron" or "Aggressors". Apart from that, control or other interactive matchups is an even fight for the deck.

4x Myth Realized

I believe in this card because it allows the deck to 'nourish' a threat while carrying out a reactive gameplan. As discussed, the reason why Tasigur, Angler and Shadow are so powerful is due to their bodies being achievable for one mana, making it easy to keep interaction live in hand. In comparison, Myth Realized can always be played for 'one' with the potential to grow bigger, but it requires build-up and activation to be effective. Most importantly the ‘manifestation’ aspect is what allows the card to be “immune” to spot removal and sweepers while idle.

While the deck most definitely is built with Myth in mind, it isn’t solely relying on the card to win. Myth Realized 's main role - apart from being a huge beater - is to diversify the threats we bring to the table. When sideboarding the opponent must consider his or her options; do I keep all my spot removal, or do I bring in sweepers to deal with Lingering Souls ? The beauty is that few cards answer both problems we represent.

To utilize the monk avatar to the fullest you must consider what your opponent might be holding. When on the field, the card can give you incidental information in the sense that sandbagged cards most likely will be answers - plan ahead, play smart and don't rush it. This is a card that rewards game knowledge more than anything else.

4x Lingering Souls

Souls are a key part of the "Mythseize" game plan. The flashback ability makes the card resilient against counters and discard, while also making it possible to trigger Myth twice. It quickly populates the board with fliers that can either act as a threat or defence line. The myriad of tokens is hard to deal with for decks relying on spot removal, and it urges aggressive opponents to "go wide" in order to push damage through - setting up for a 1 for X Supreme Verdict .

3x Celestial Colonnade

Two 'manlands' give us plenty of chances for an opening hand with "thrust". Colonnade is a resilient late game puncher that together with Lingering Souls swings through the "air", making for a reliable source of damage. The vigilance will often allow late game interaction or defensive block with Myth Realized after an animated attack.

4x Serum Visions

Since we're already in a 'tap-out' style, having Serum Visions to qualify our draws is more valuable than, say, Opt . This is fuel. It strengthens the monks, replace itself, filters the deck, and work great alongside Snapcaster Mage . Finally, [hand disruption] makes 'scry two' an informed decision.

3x Snapcaster Mage

This is a card that let us reuse our spells - a nice utility to have when we often must discard our own cards due to Collective Brutality or Liliana of the Veil . The wizard naturally pairs well with Myth Realized , and the 2/1 body is useful enough either as a beater or surprise chump blocker.

2x Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Under evaluation.

2x Think Twice

Under evaluation.

3x Path to Exile

Efficient removal that exiles any un-protected creature for a single white mana, removing problems like Wurmcoil Engine , Voice of Resurgence and Kitchen Finks . Correctly evaluating when to cast it becomes important, as its downside is that it can 'ramp' the opponent. 'Pathing' our own creature in response to a Blood Moon or when we're mana screwed, are also plausible plays that can become relevant.

4x Fatal Push

This card is straight forward - efficient low cost removal. 'Revolt' gives some restrictions to it, but this can be satisfied by fetching, activating Myth Realized on zero etc. Most of the time, Push will be busy removing the plethora of one-to-two cmc creatures in modern. I believe the 3 / 3 split [Path | Push] is correct, as the former deals with almost any threat where the latter cannot.

3x Thoughtseize & 2x Inquisition of Kozilek

Hand disruption functions as means to remove threats or answers from our opponent's hand. It also provides information that'll let us plan ahead, thus making it easier to decide whether or not to "animate" our main threat. This split is preferred as Thoughseize deals with cards we really struggle against - and want to deal with game one, ex. Thought-Knot Seer .

3x Liliana of the Veil

This walker is perfect for the Mythseize game plan. Pitching works well with Search for Azcanta  , binning Lingering Souls feels dirty, and the edict effects helps us control the board. With Liliana, the main goal is to make the opponent ‘hellbent’ - which facilitate ‘worry-free’ attacks with the monk avatar. The ultimate is also quite reachable as we have access to multiple options that can protect her.

2x Collective Brutality

I really like Brutality in this deck, which is the reason for the three mainboard copies. It's a flexible card with 'modes' that’ll let you adapt to different scenarios. The card can answer weak but problematic creatures, interact with combo strategies and / or speed up our clock. What's great about Brutality is that you can pitch cards with "polarized" usability like Supreme Verdict , in exchange for more desirable options. Lingering Souls even make it possible to gain additional value out of the 'escalate' cost!

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the drain effect is especially potent with Myth Realized on the field. Because, if you drain and attack with the monk you essentially deal 'three' instead of two. While this isn't Lightning Bolt , brutality-snap-brutality can give you some reach if called for. Finally, there’s a case to be made for holding the second to fourth Myth Realized in hand against decks that struggles with interacting with the enchantment / creature. With three 'Brutalities' main deck, the chances are that you can use the redundant myths for "escalated effect."

1x Damnation & 1x Bontu's Last Reckoning

Under evaluation.

The curve, coupled with "fuel", encourages a lower land count. Since we play several color intensive cards like Liliana of the Veil , Supreme Verdict and Jace, the Mind Sculptor we can only get away with two Field of Ruins. Concealed Courtyard is great because we desire early access to black & white. Apart from that, the mana base is straightforward and fine-tuned based on gameplay experience.

Under re-writing.

2.1 Gameplay & flow:

Like any deck Mythseize has a variety of decision trees, however each game will be different and I can only outline the basics.

Here it'll be helpful to look at the custom categories that I've outlined in the primer - Thrust, Fuel and Grip. A 'three-lander' is our ideal opening, where a 'two-lander' with Visions, or 'four-lander' with 'grip and thrust', are the second best. Remember that Serum Visions is a great tool for "fixing" 'one-landers', and therefore it should be the first card to identify - after doing the land count. However, keeping low-resource hands are a gamble as five mana is the deck's 'sweet spot'. That being said, they are a stronger bet than the five mana hands - unless it contains Myth or Souls. 'Six-landers' should in most scenarios be a mulligan.

As a general hand evaluation rule I would look for a opening with a mix of the three categories. Myth Realized should be weighted highly, same goes for the 1-3 mana spells in the deck - Tar Pit is a bonus. Be cautious about the 'top-heavy' or 'fuel-only' hands, and only keep them if you think you can get away with it. Modern is a format where we, as a control deck, must be able to interact in the first three turns.

Once you're down to six cards the same rules should be applied. Though when it comes to a five-card hand I tend to favor the keep, as going down to four is high risk and hard to pull off. This should always be evaluated in context. For example, finding a Stony Silence versus Affinity can be valuable once you've started the "downward spiral".

2.2 Sideboarding:

Mythseize sideboard plan

Under re-writing.

2.3 Difficult matchups:


When piloting Mythseize it’s essential to have a few cards and matchups in mind:

Against GBx:

Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse should be your main consideration if you're leaning on Myth Realized in a game. Scavenging Ooze is a high priority target as it really diminish the value of Snapcaster Mage and Lingering Souls .

Against Control:

Cryptic Command , Gideon of the Trials and Detention Sphere are maindeck cards that can deal with your Myths, so be careful with relying too heavily on the enchantment to finish the game.

Against Eldrazi & Taxes:

This deck have multiple annoyances; Flickerwisp and Eldrazi Displacer can "reset" the myths. Also, the Mythseize curve is deceptively low - meaning that your mana is always utilised to the fullest. Therefore Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Leonin Arbiter can be problematic - this also applies to Ponza.

Against Eldrazi Tron:

There are 19 one drops in the deck... Chalice of the Void is why "Eldrazi Tron" is our absolute toughest matchup. It's not getting any better when Lingering Souls does a poor job blocking Reality Smasher . It's possible to win, but it'll be rough.

0.0 FAQ:

Q: Why do you chose to include Myth Realized when it dies to card [X], and doesn't see play because of opinion [Y]?

A: First and foremost I recommend that you read this article - I agree, and believe it's important to refrain from looking cards in a vacuum. When brewing I try to see the bigger picture, then tailor the best possible 'fit' for the given card I wish to test. This way I'll eventually discover strengths and weaknesses through game experience - ultimately end up with a conclusion. It might be that Myth isn't suited for modern, but so far, my testing has shown potential. Finally, I won’t deny that I like piloting and brewing with the card. Meaning that I won’t deny that there probably are better options out there.

Q: Does the word ‘Mythseize’ have a meaning?

A: The deck’s name is a combination of Myth Realized + Thoughtseize . Hand disruption is essential for the strategy, which is why the name is fitting. However there’s an interesting quote connected to the name;

  • There is a way in which to a child everything is myth-size: people are enormous and ominous and have great backlogs of mysterious information and of a life lived that you lack. I don't think that without the myth you'd have a book. [Quote - John Updike]

Tournament Results

Playtesting Results

0.0 Alternate builds:

Mythseize | Testlab - Direct

Esper Mythseize | Bob version - Direct

Countermyth | Mythseize - Direct

Updates Add

Been a lot to do at work lately so haven't really been able to attend to the list as much. Changes have been made, and I'm rather happy with the inclusion of Thoughtseize . I rarely got time for writing about the swaps as they happen, but I plan to explain the cards role eventually.

Currently testing Blessed Allianced and Jace Beleren . The two walkers are flex, and I plan to test Esper Charm and Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver at some point. Alliance replaced Batterskull and I'm happy with that for the time being.

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