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Myr infinite combo deck turn 2 win ~50$

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So i wanted to make a karn-themed deck as requested by dino_beast but ended up with a myr retriever infinite combo deck so enjoy i guess.

The combo:

Turn 1: cast Altar of the Brood

Turn 2: cast Heartless Summoning and assuming you are lucky as f and have 2 Myr Retriever in your hand take a bow and leave

Otherwise there is also Shred Memory to ensure you will win by turn 4

Suggestions for the deck are welcome. Be sure to share your opinions or ways to improve this deck in the comments.

If you want to check out other decks i made check out a folder called "my decks" one new deck will be added at least once per month.Comment what deck you want me to build.

Hope you liked this deck ,thank you for your time.


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