Trying to build a Myr deck, let me know what you think, i dont want to make a "always win deck" just one good deck to make battle to others decks. But if in the prosses it turns in a great deck, well good for me :D


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Hmm i think it has almos the same effect like the M transmuter, so i can take her (the only problem is that i need 5 myrs and i will be out of defence for 1 turn) (block with the sphere too) and the next turn i will have 5 myrs + 4 tokens + 1 sphere, if i wish i can hit only with the sphere getting 13/7 or tap 5 get another sphere, and hit 8/7, and then next turn lol i will have 8 tokens, 5 myrs, 2 spheres, and can hit with one sphere at 17/7 and give 17 direct damage i think the other part is dead no? :D


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