Trying to build a Myr deck, let me know what you think, i dont want to make a "always win deck" just one good deck to make battle to others decks. But if in the prosses it turns in a great deck, well good for me :D


Hmm i think it has almos the same effect like the M transmuter, so i can take her (the only problem is that i need 5 myrs and i will be out of defence for 1 turn) (block with the sphere too) and the next turn i will have 5 myrs + 4 tokens + 1 sphere, if i wish i can hit only with the sphere getting 13/7 or tap 5 get another sphere, and hit 8/7, and then next turn lol i will have 8 tokens, 5 myrs, 2 spheres, and can hit with one sphere at 17/7 and give 17 direct damage i think the other part is dead no? :D


Khazpar says... #1

Some random ideas:

Ichorclaw Myr and Blightsteel Colossus don't really go with the rest of the deck since they are trying to poison your enemy to death, you can use Darksteel Colossus though. Increasing Confusion doesn't really seem to have a purpose either.

Tinker is evil, but it was banned for a reason. Reshape is a little more limited, but it works too.

Cranial Plating is another evil card. Whispersilk Cloak and Lightning Greaves can help protect your creatures, and the first provides evasion.

You can use Cloudpost (possibly with Glimmerpost ) or the Urza lands to generate a bunch of colorless mana. Expedition Map can be used to fetch them for you.

You can use artifact lands like Seat of the Synod , Ancient Den , and Darksteel Citadel .

I like Myr Reservoir and Hovermyr a lot.

You can use Adaptive Automaton to make all of your Myr bigger. Phyrexian Metamorph is pretty cool too.

I could come up with more but that's probably enough for now lol. You mostly need to figure out what exactly you want to do to win. Sneaking in a Myr Battlesphere is a pretty awesome strategy but you probably need a back up plan. Boosting up your army seems to be another theme you have going so evasion might be good to add, and you can find plenty of equipments for that. Good luck!

December 29, 2012 3:28 a.m.

Kirtanian says... #2

It looks like you have a couple viable strategies all taking up space and you are going to need to pick one. If you want to make Myr Deck as the name suggests I would drop Blightsteel Colossus and Ichorclaw Myr because infect is usually better in a dedicated deck and Master Transmuter because it loses a lot of it's power in this deck if you drop Blightsteel.

Hovermyr is likely a good choice since you will lack flying defense in a myr deck most of the time. Maybe consider the other mana producers in your colors: Silver Myr and Sun myr to power out something like Myr Battlesphere sooner.

December 29, 2012 4:41 a.m.

Hordika says... #3

Hi both and thanks for the help, of all magic races or types i like myr most, since the day i pick a box of Mercadia mask i think it was called and i saw one, i have a friend that has a store and sells a lot of magic. So i decided to (many years later) build a Myr deck.

My strategie hmm i think to produce cheap myrs or token, then cast the sphere, then tap more than 4 myrs (4 enter free with the sphere) and others in the zone and deal direct damage, if all goes well in 3 or 4 turns all is over (i think). then i saw the Master transmuter i thought that i can bring easy the colossus and the superior or even the sphere (if are in hand also) those 2 plus enforcer and ichorclaw will make defence (ichorclaw attaking and infecting) giving me turns to bring the sphere(s).

but in the process of that idea i look that there are many cards (even in magic you use 60) if i take the M transmuter, the colossus and claw myr, there is 12 cards out, and im still fliying in numbers lol (magic has many combinations)

the 2 locus lands Khazpar told are good choice (even i dont need a right color, if the timing is right i can get free bonuses), Adaptive Automaton is good for booting, but if you ask me "you have to choose one road" i would like to see many myrs and hit with the sphere. (so the trasnmuter goes?)

Oh by the way the Increasing confusion, was to discard from 6 to 8 cards per card, so the other will loose cards (maybe good ones)

December 29, 2012 11:55 a.m.

pauginxz says... #4

January 4, 2013 11:22 p.m.

stormkirkjb87 says... #5

Semblance Anvil makes Myr Superion , Hovermyr , and most of the mana myrs free to play. Also a fun combo once you hit the infinite mana loop is Spawnsire of Ulamog play its second ability then have All Is Dust It That Betrays and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in your sideboard and play them in that order. Emrakul will come in first and give you another turn the It That Betrays then All Is Dust will resolve wiping there board (of all colored perms) and giving them to you. Its so fun and evil. That's how I'm running my myrs now. Eldrazi Temple helps you hit the combo as well.

January 9, 2013 9:09 a.m.

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