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My Walls bring all the boys to the Yard.

Legacy Budget Lifegain Pillow Fort Theme/Gimmick W/B (Orzhov)




Wal-mart... Do they, like, make walls there?

-Paris Hilton

A deck full of walls. The idea is to have the opponent attack me and I gain life from it. With cards like Wall of Limbs and Souls of the Faultless it can end up killing them. Stalwart Shield-Bearers is an obvious choice since they are all walls and it gives me more life when attacked. Wall of Glare is for when the board is flooded with tokens or other creatures. And finally, the backup way to win which is Tree of Perdition. Bringing them down to 13, or with Dismember and/or Profane Command it can be less. It is also a decent way of keeping their life in check if they are running life-gain.


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