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Yea, I know. Yet another Krenko, Mob Boss deck. My excuse is, not unlike others, that I really like him and wanted to create a deck with him. On the other side, this Krenko, Mob Boss deck is, perhaps, the closest I've come so far to creating a primer deck.

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Krenko Mob Boss is fast and furious and spits out goblins where he can.

So Haste is key

Second is Spawning more tokens

Third comes winning

Like: winning through Boosting your gobbo's

Or like: winning through Combo's and Synergy

Fourth, when things go bad, Recovering from nasties

Important note on the sideboard:

If your opponents play nasties like: Blazing Archon, Propaganda, and what not: include Chaos Warp, and Aligned Hedron Network

Empty the Warrens: solid card, no reason not to play it actually. But the high-ish cmc (relatively speaking, to this deck) ensures that I can't really use its storm trigger, and I have enough token generation as it is.

Vedalken Orrery: awesome card...but I really don't know what to cut for it (plus I think I have enough haste enablers)

Umbral Mantle: awesome card...but I really don't know what to cut for it (plus for untapping without adding extra's...not sure about that)


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