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Ok, so this is my description.

I decided that, because white isn't particularly extraordinary for the eldrazi, and because black is the colour that I always play recently, I'll get out of that rut by making a G/R/U deck. Really, it's Red mainly, with Green as an aside, and a small splash of blue.

My thoughts:

The interesting green cards include:

Awakening Zone: gives me a new eldrazi spawn token each and every single turn.

Ancient Stirrings: allows me to scour through the top 5 cards of my deck for either a fun and interesting land (I have many) or an eldrazi. Always helpful.

Broodwarden: Allows me to make my mass of Eldrazi Spawn tokens actually somewhat useful.

Primeval Titan: Of all of my interesting land, I can bring out any of them tapped with

Primeval Titan. This is always a helpful tactic, and that's why the card is worth $20.

Sakura-Tribe Scout: Tapping for more land every single turn? Awesome.

Oracle of Mul Daya: Simply being able to play more land each and every single turn? Even more awesome!

Some of the rediculous Red cards include:

Rapacious One: A red card with trample? Cool. Having all of the damage dealt by it turn into Eldrazi Spawn Tokens? Nuts.Aside from this, there is always the combo for a turn 3 Hand of Emrakul:

Turn 1: Mountain]/Other land

Turn 2: Mountain]/Forest]/Other land + Spawning Breath.

Turn 3: Another land + Brood Birthing + Sacrifice the 4 spawn tokens for a Hand of Emrakul.

Why bother with the blue splash?

Training Grounds: This is only really helpful with one card; Spawnsire of Ulamog; in which case if I have out 2 training grounds, I have infinite mana. How? Spawnsire of Ulamog's ability for 4 colorless mana brings out 2 eldrazi spawns. With 2 Training Grounds, this costs 1 mana. 1 Mana for 2 Mana causes an infinite amount of mana as I don't have to tap the Spawnsire of Ulamog.

Phantasmal Image: Mana cost 2 to copy anything; why not?


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