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My idea for a mono R artifact EDH deck featuring Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient. As you can see, it has way too many cards. Please make suggestions about how to trim it down, or there's really good cards in missing, let me know! Thanks!



kanokarob says... #1

Rubs hands together

clears throat

You can drop Coalition Relic, Commander's Sphere, and Darksteel Ingot. Kurkesh has little use for mana rocks that provide only one mana, as if he's not ramping quickly, he doesn't need to ramp. You can keep the Unstable Obelisk, as it's removal that can be copied.

Alhammarret's Archive is not overly helpful, as drawing cards can be done at high amounts with ability-copying already, as needed. And, its abilities can't be copied by Kurkesh, so you don't get extra value, which is Kurkesh's prerogative.

Astral Cornucopia takes more mana/investment to do the same thing as Gilded Lotus. As most of the time you'd be searching for it rather than drawing it, there's little need for an inferior version of an existing card. Same story for Gemstone Array.

Ichor Wellspring can't be copied by Kurkesh, so isn't super helpful.

Lightning Greaves are fine to keep for putting onto Kuldotha Forgemaster and the like, but you don't really need the Swiftfoot Boots.

Loreseeker's Stone takes more mana than it's worth. You've already got Tower of Fortunes anyway, which is largely better in every way.

(Not a removal, but I've found Soul Foundry to be more useful than Mimic Vat.)

Mind's Eye can't be copied and requires you to have mana open at a stage in the game where you want to spend all of it on board presence.

Mindslaver isn't super helpful unless you can continually recur it, such as with Academy Ruins, which is of course blue. You have a reasonable amount of artifact recursion, but none that can loop mindslaver, so it's just a cute card here.

Mirrorworks is ~ok~ but I'd advise against it, particularly as you're trying to cut cards.

Spine of Ish Sah can't be copied. You've got Unstable Obelisk and Lux Cannon and such to destroy permanents, so you can drop this.

I don't think you need the Strionic Resonator very much, but I'd consider removing it.

I personally do not like Blightsteel Colossus in Kurkesh. He's just not a combat-focused deck. Blightsteel is much better in something that can exploit him.

You don't really need the Dross Scorpion since you've got Voltaic Key and such that can be copied. And ideally, you don't want artifacts dying at all.

I'm later recommending dropping many of your instants and sorceries, so Dualcaster Mage can go as well.

I'd consider dropping Magus of the Moon. While you do need and like red mana, your nonbasics are quite helpful as well. Also, it isn't really a fun card.

Why do you have Stuffy Doll here? It can only hurt one player, and you might as well kill them with all the others.

Wurmcoil Engine's abilities can't be copied, and as a combat-focused card, doesn't advance Kurkesh.

Aggravated Assault and Blood Moon can be dropped for reasons stated elsewhere.

Comet Storm. There are much better wincons for Kurkesh.

Word of Seizing is not relevant.

All Is Dust, Blasphemous Act, Bonfire of the Damned, and Chain Reaction are all good cards, but all kill your own Kurkesh. If at all possible, you should not allow Kurkesh to die ever. He's not hard to recast, but you want to use your mana to advance the boardstate whenever possible.

If you were to heed all my advice, thats -28, and you're currently 24 over. Were you to remove all of the things I suggested, I'd recommend adding in Decimator Web, Myr Turbine, Mycosynth Golem, and Darksteel Reactor.

Alternatively, you can compare with my And I'll Pay a Red | Only 5 Red Spells!

September 18, 2016 7:40 a.m.

HR19 says... #2

Thanks for the input. I'd like to bounce my logic off of you and see if that changes your mind at all.

Commander's Sphere is copy-able draw, which is why I included it.

Astral Cornucopia and Gemstone Array can be proliferated, allowing potentially significant amounts of mana. Array can also cache mana from Braid of Fire for use later, and even makes infinite mana with Basalt Monolith and Kurkesh. And if I can, I'd even want to throw in Contagion Clasp for another way to proliferate, Everflowing Chalice benefits as well (even considering Throne of Geth, but needing to sac an artifact may be too much; though I can proliferate counters on Arcbound Reclaimer, which would mean getting those artifacts back) I also don't want to be a 1-trick-pony; if Gilded Lotus gets exiled, I want to gave a backup, which is what Cornucopia is.

Several cards, such as Ichor Wellspring and Spine of Ish Sah are in mainly because they're useful with Daretti, Scrap Savant or Goblin Welder. In fact, Mindslaver, Welder, and any 2 recursion cards or Spine is infinite Mindslaver lock, hence the inclusion of Mindslaver.

I've always found the opposite for Soul Foundry and Mimic Vat, and I really like that Vat lets me manipulate my opponent's creatures. It means more fun for me, potentially.

Dross Scorpion potentially plays nicely with Welder also, and it's really fun with Pentavus or Thopter Squadron. Scorpion, plus one of those two, plus Gilded Lotus or Astral Cornucopia, makes infinite +1/+1 counters, and/or infinite 1/1 flying dudes, and/or infinite mana (by sacrificing said dudes).

Mirrorworks has always been one of my favorite artifacts. It's awesome with tons of cards, and it combos nicely with Welder. It probably doesn't add a whole lot, but it can be so much fun.

Strionic Resonator just gives me more Kurkesh, but may just be "win more," so it's cut-able.

Stuffy Doll is a win-con: if I can untap it infinitely (not too hard in this deck), it kills someone, then I can sac/recur it with Welder or something to get another player.

Aggravated Assault is a win-con.

But I like Comet Storm...

Word of Seizing is a fun/defensive card. Maybe it won't by opponent to ultimate their Jace, the Mind Sculptor, etc.

Bonfire of the Damned doesn't kill Kurkesh...

And I don't mind killing Kurkesh, if it ultimately gives me the best board state, because the idea of this deck is kind of: make tons of or infinite mana, then do stuff with it.

Decimator Web has always just seemed like an awful card...but I can proliferate that poison counter easily for a quick kill out of nowhere. I don't have enough Myr for Myr Turbine to be worth it, I think. Mycosynth Golem could be amazing. Darksteel Reactor isn't how I want to win. When I'm only paying for fun, it feels like a hollow victory to me.

So there's my logic. NOW what do you think of those cards?

September 18, 2016 9:32 a.m.

HR19 says... #3

Also, I think I'm gonna take out Karn, Silver Golem, because the only reason he's in this deck is to abuse Voltaic Construct. Do you think that's good enough reason to keep him in here?

September 18, 2016 9:38 a.m.

HR19 says... #4

And Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are kind of safety cards, because most people in EDH rely on their non-basics. I do have some good non-basics, but as long as it hurts my opponents far more than me, I feel like it's really worth it. If I'm playing someone who doesn't have many basics and I can drop one of those early, then it could be immediate game over. One of my best friends only plays a 5-color Sliver EDH deck, and he only has like 5 or 6 non-basic lands. This would be hilarious against him.

September 18, 2016 4:23 p.m.

kanokarob says... #5

Forgot Commander's Sphere draws, so you're good.

As I already said regarding Astral Cornucopia and Gemstone Array, they require more mana and/or investment to do what Gilded Lotus can already do: Make infinite mana with Kurkesh and Voltaic Key. Proliferation is good, and it's fine on Everflowing Chalice, but mainly because the chalice is easy and cheap to fill up without it. Cornucopia and Array are not so comparable. If you're worried about the lotus being exiled, play Doubling Cube. Also goes infinite with the key and requires less setup.

I understand why Ichor Wellspring and the like are there. I'm suggesting cutting them,because they are not as effective as other cards due to not being copyable. You have to cut cards, that's just a fact, you should be, wherever possible, cutting cards that can't be copied first.

Soul Foundry vs Mimic Vat is a personal choice, I was just didn't know if you were aware of the alternative.

The scorpion playing nicely with anything is largely irrelevant. It doesn't get value from Kurkesh and vice versa. Infinite token and counter interactions here are also largely irrelevant, you've got other, more efficient methods to perform those maneuvers already.

Again, Mirrorworks is ~ok~, and I'd advise against it, but it can be overlooked in exchange for other cuts.

I do know Strionic copies Kurkesh, but it isn't necessarily that it's win-more, it's just kind of unnecessary. You already get tons of value from him alone, and Rings of Brighthearth can copy that ability again for the same price if you really needed it.

I forgot Stuffy Doll can hurt itself. Fair, but still tied to a single opponent without extra investment. I'm preferential to Staff of Nin, I think, for its additional utility.

Aggravated Assault is a wincon in aggro, combat-focused decks, which Kurkesh really doesn't fit into wonderfully.

I disagree with you on Comet Storm's fun-level, but if you're willing to cut other cards in exchange then I won't stop you.

Same deal with Word of Seizing, keep it if you must, but you do need to cut cards and this would be a reasonable choice.

Misread Bonfire. Still shouldn't keep it for same reasons are Comet Storm, imho.

I know what the idea of the deck is... Kurkesh is needed to accomplish it. That's why you should mind killing him, especially because he's prone to be killed by others as well, raking up his mana cost.

Awful is an odd word to describe Decimator Web... If you mean in terms of politeness, yeah it kinda of is, but you sound more like in terms of playability... But, you just make infinite mana, and infinitely untap it to poison them. No proliferation required. It's no different than Stuffy Doll in that sense.

You don't use Myr Turbine to search unless for Shimmer Myr if for whatever reason you need it and don't have Planar Portal already. You use it because it's 1 red mana for 2 blockers.

Darksteel Reactor is more like an empty threat than anything, or makes for a VERY fun victory. Read the story of my best game in my deck, it's pretty hilarious.

I personally play Karn, Silver Golem in my deck, as he makes for reasonably good blocker or turns obsolete artifacts into blockers if necessary.

Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon, for those very reasons, are not very fun cards, at least to myself and everyone I play with. But again, if you insist on running them, you still have to take something out in their place.

I do want to state I'm not trying to be antagonistic at all, as much as I suspect that it sounds that way. But as I said, you simply have to cut cards. You have most of the cards that interact best with Kurkesh nailed and in here already, with some personal touches. I am only recommending the removal of cards that don't interact so well, either mechanically or archetypally.

September 18, 2016 5:46 p.m.

bluntane says... #6

Umm nobody likes titan forge .... thats like the bread and butter of a kurk deck

October 2, 2016 2:39 p.m.

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