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My Girlfriend Asked For A Dinosaur Deck - [EDH]

Commander / EDH Budget Dinosaurs Ramp RGW (Naya) Theme/Gimmick Tribal


  • God creates Dinosaurs, God destroys Dinosaurs
  • God creates Man, Man destroys God
  • Man creates Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs eat Man
  • Woman inherits the Earth.
Hello to you!

I'm OP_Sigma, I've been playing MTG since Mirage and exclusively EDH for the past 6 years. It has been my favorite format since I opened my Mimeoplasm precon in 2012.

I play at a LGS that has Strong but fair as a motto, so no cEDH there. My favourite place to play is with my friends playgroup, they're more midrange/lategame, games there can last for hours. The group is composed of learning and strong players.

If my text is poorly written it is because english is not my native language.

Well the title says it all. My girlfriend was curious to try to play since MTG is one of my main hobbies and I'm always brewing new decks. She tried MTG arena.. there are Dinos in standard right now + her favourite movie is the original Jurassic Park.

Here we are, a Dino Tribal deck!

The deck is fairly simple and I'll try to adjust it to what she likes and also by following her learning speed. At first it was, and still is, a very Timmy deck. I'm trying to add the enrage mecanic to help teach her how to play with the stack and making it a bit more complex.

Suggestions are welcome, keep in mind that this is a low-budget deck.

Wish her luck!

  • Build a mana base using fetches, ramp spells and mana dorks
  • Play dinosaurs
  • Use enrage effects
  • See an opening and play Gishath
  • Eat

Well thank you, yeah you! Thanks for coming to my page, reading this and maybe adding your two cents!

Have a good day!

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