So a little background on the deck. A few friends and I decided to all pitch in some money and buy the "Game Night" sold by WotC and do a little league. Since each deck is mono-colored we each chose one, and if you couldn't tell already, I chose black.

Every Monday we can get everyone together we will be playing a 5 player game using the mono-colored decks. Depending on when we died and what we did, we will get points. Then, after 4 games the "season" will end. Depending on what place you are in (determined by the amount of points you have) you can make a certain number of changes to your deck (changes do roll over and accumulate). At the end of a season: - First Place: Can make 1 change to their deck

  • Second Place: Can make 2 changes to their deck

  • Third Place: Can make 3 changes to their deck

  • Fourth Place: Can make 4 changes to their deck

  • Fifth Place: Can make 5 changes to their deck

  • Points reset to 0

  • Decks must stay mono-colored (Hybrid Mana is allowed)

  • Changes to a deck can only be made at the end of a season before the first game of the new season starts

    • First Place in a game: +4

    • Second Place in a game: +3

    • Third Place in a game: +2

    • Fourth Place in a game: +1

    • Fifth Place in a game: +0

    • First Blood: +1

    • Saving Another Player from Death: +1

    • Killing an Opponent: +1

    These next few ways to earn points are to prevent players from purposely losing so that they can make a bunch of changes to their deck.

    • Casting No Creatures: +3

    • Not Attacking the Entire Game: +3

    The maybeboard is to keep track of cards that I potentially want to put into the deck as time passes. If you ever have ideas on what to put in from the 'board then feel free to suggest them!

    So that is the Game Night League! As seasons end and updates are made I'll keep you informed!


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