Ravnica, one giant city. Something evil is coming this way. Nicol Bolas. With Huatli, Warrior Poet we must recruit as many followers as possible to help the gatewatch. Lyra Dawnbringer and Shalai, Voice of Plenty have a new sister to fight with us. The Boros leader, Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice. She and the Boros Legion Warboss have proved invaluable in preparing troops for what is to come.

We traveled to the Temple Garden to ask the Conclave Tribunal for aid. The dryad Knight of Autumn offered her help as well as her friends the Pelt Collectors. The March of the Multitudes we had, had begun. There were more to recruit. A Ravnica Allegiance would be needed. I only pray that as we travel through a new Standard that Gaea's Blessing will be upon us.


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With Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Nissa, Steward of Elements I traveled to Tarkir to learn from Ugin, the Spirit Dragon about Nicol Bolas. Alas, Ugin was dead. But the granddaughter of Yasova Dragonclaw told us that Ugin's spirit lives on and was speaking to her. She told us of Ugin and Nicol's youth. And of the other Elder Dragons that shared kin hood with them. For this we had to Dive Down deep into history.

One particular brother of Ugin and Nicol intrigued me, Arcades, the Strategist. He was very analytical, and believed that a strong defense was the best offense. He would Anticipate any enemy's move and use it against them. As we followed Arcades in this vision from the past we saw a Wall of Mist, Wall of Vines, and Amaranthine Walls the size of Glacial Fortresses. All used for Arcades to be victorious.

This strategy has been used by Doran, the Siege Tower in the past as well to Slaughter the Strong. But, I had never seen it perfected before. Though we would need some help as it takes time for walls to come online, thus Nissa, Teferi and I has for the assistance of Lyra Dawnbringer. Our journey through standard continues, and our only hope is soon Nicol Bolas will be no more and there will no longer be a need for the Gatewatch.

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