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My deck is boring, LET ME PLAY YOURS -- Devil plan

Commander / EDH Artifact Control Cruel Control Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick WUB (Esper)



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Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Potatos and patatos.

Let me introduce you to a deck that wil NEVER GET BORING.. :D How is this possible you ask. --- just look the title dude... -.- haha

I will reply to every comment and if there are multiple people interested i'll write a review of every card and why it is in the deck. Always up for some nice discussion and improvements.

All cards that are in the deck are to acquire control or to do play their cards.

Some cards are in there just because i like them alot and or not really really in theme.. (like the kambal or elspeth planeswalker...)

Would really like to get some reactions of u guys!! I'm always up for suggestions!!

Theme is Steal! I play this deck very often and usually win with opponents stuff on my board. Yesterday i played my commander, mystical tutor my temporal mastery (miracle extra turn card) in the end step of my opponent next to me. then in my turn i choose the opponent who could stop me first with my sen triplets ability (he can't cast spells now AKA counter). Look what i can play in his hand, he had a tutor, tutor my time warp with his tutor, do some dmg and i could look in all 3 player's hand and play their cards. I won that turn - had a paradox engine because of another opponent so i could cast their full hands with my few mana rocks).

Winning with other people their cards is what this deck is about. Try it and enjoy! Again. NEVER GETS BORING because u'll never play the same deck twice because u play your opponent his deck!! For the ones who still did not understand :D


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