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My cockatrice list for GAAIV

Commander / EDH




Should be updated in sync with my Trice list, it's as real time as possible. People have been asking about my affection for Planeswalkers, and my reasoning here is this: 2/3 GAAIV will pretty much block everything in the format. People in cEDH often do swing down walkers if the can do so freely(like with Dark Confidant/Aven Mindsensor/Thalia style value creatures) and to me there aren't that many creatures that can get through GAAIV without dying. I was never super happy with Narset Transcended previously, but I've come to the conclusion I need more draw.


16.9.17 Should play Dramayic Reversal combo.

10.9.17 Telepathy sucks, Paradox Engine in.

28.4.2017 Hulk became legal in EDH and changed the landscape. Cut the following: Thirst for Knowledge, Muddle, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Serra Ascendant one basic Island. Added: Narset Transcended, Grafdigger's Cage, Repeal, Dispel and currently trying out Telepathy after it's strong showing in the cEDH tourney. Manifold Insights is going if I think I need more draw. Also considering Treasure Cruise now that I'm trying PW Narset.

18.1.2017: Considering playing Predict

26.9.2016: Misdirection out, Muddle the Mixture in. Considering Etherium Sculptor for Cloud Key, even tho Humility is relevant. Also Considering Mystic Confluence because of the versatility.

Update 12. of July, 2016: Arcane Denial out, Chrome Mox in. Noticed Brainstorm had been lost in edits, put that back in, land count fixed to 33.

Update 11. of July, 2016: C-Sphinx out, JVP in. Reconsidering Muddle, but not sure about it yet.

Update 20. of April, 2016: Council's Judgement out, Mox Diamond in.


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