2019 updated Muldrotha BUG goodstuff with some spices in the works like Dream Halls, Squandered Resources and Forbid. Discarding lands to Gitrog or binning Sheoldred targets feels that much better while countering a spell.

Goals: Sticking a Dream Halls or Birthing Pod for insane value. The latter plays to grind our opponents out of the game in Muldrotha/Pod fashion, with a pretty solid chain of creatures to hit. A fun example would be nuking the table’s hands by sac’ing Mindslicer into Sidisi, Undead Vizier for anything we need next to protect our plan, while having assurance in our opponents being hellbent. Dream Halls on the other hand, allows us completely break symmetry, pitching anything really to get Muldrotha out the turn we play it, and then go off from there.

Toolbox: Survival of the Fittest is a tremendous tutor to do work when we can’t Pod/Dream. Sidisi is nice, too, especially when exploiting Protean Hulk. Intuition is the latest addition to this category, working as a sweet instant speed tutor for anything the situation calls for, while binning cards we’ll still want for later.

Everything else is value, baby!


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