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Muldrotha, The Budget-Conscious

Commander / EDH* Budget BUG (Sultai) Mill



Make sure categories are set to Custom to get a feel for what I'm going for...

Also ignore the colossal Maybeboard.

I'm trying to merge Muldrotha with some ramp, self and opponent mill, discard and sac outlets, while covering my own (Muldrotha's) *ss and attempting to keep cards below £1. From TO playtesting, it does seem to work pretty well a lot of the time - usually heading down the mill route, or overloading with value thanks to Muldrotha. The likes of Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord , Nighthowler , Consuming Aberration and Splinterfright , along with a Brawn and Wonder in the graveyard and ideally some protection with Carapace , Swiftfoot Boots , Robe of Mirrors , Glaring Spotlight or Aboshan's Desire .

Could really do with some tips on how to cut this to 100/improve within budget...


  • Do I have the right balance of ramp/destroy/protect/draw etc? Could I prioritise better here?
  • Do I have too many nonbasic lands?
  • Why would I need cards that recur from the graveyard when Muldrotha does that anyway?


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