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MTGO Monoblue Delver




Good old Delver, Monoblue aggro-tempo.

Drop early threats and back them up with counterspells, bounce and card drawing. I feel really rude when I flip delver early and then stop my opponent doing anything relevant. It's actually rather fun being the annoying blue mage.

Ninja of the Deep Hours can draw you loads of cards while resetting Spellstutter Sprite for extra value.

Faerie Miscreant is quite good. It's cheap, evasive and boosts Spellstutter Sprite's countering ability. If you draw multiples, it becomes a cantrip. It interacts well with Snap too.

Spire Golem is a cheap creature that also blocks well.


Exclude is in for use against creature decks, although I wonder if it's a bit slow... Perhaps Annul would be better for the Affinity match up.

Stormbound Geists was originally just for monoblack as they need to spend two kill spells to deal with it. By the same logic, it goes well vs other control decks. An unexpected side effect is that it's good against the mirror match too, trading for enemy fliers and coming back to become a large flying threat.

Curse of Chains locks down decks that win with big annoying creatures.

Hydroblast seems obvious.

Dispel is against burn decks and decks that are heavy on counterspells and/or instant speed removal.


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