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(mostly) Rat Tribal vs 450 Million Europeans

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The main idea of this deck is to steal early game board advantage with cost rats. Some cards such as Culling the Weak, Dark Ritual and friends are used to catch your opponent off guard by letting you play much higher costing cards than he was expecting you to play early in the game (such as Marrow-Gnawer or Eldrazi Monument) allowing for some early win conditions or at the very least crippling (or at the very least mildly annoying) damage to what every he was working on at the time.

win condition is a mix of any bellow:

1.Death by Pack Rat and a horde of vanilla rats too thick for an opponent to block. Hordes of cost rats boost Pack Rat, then utilize Pack Rats ability to create identical tokens of itself for exponential rat based rape.

2.Massive horde of pidgins... sorry I mean indestructible flying rats with +1/+1. Get Eldrazi Monument, play Eldrazi Monument everything gets +1/+1 indestructible and flying. But be warned, you must sac a creature once a turn to keep it active, though this shouldn't be a problem with all the one drop rats you're swimming in.

3.Marrow-Gnawer, play lots of rats, sac a rat, exponential rat growth. Marrow-Gnawer sacrifices a rat to create x rat tokens where x is the number of rats you have amassed. This pairs REALY well with Pack Rat and Pestilence Rats, as both have x strength where x is the number of rats you felt necessary to rape your opponent with.

4.Thornbite Staff + Marrow-Gnawer is an infinite combo resulting in unlimited x/x rats with x=infinity=rape. Though this is a slightly expensive combo, requiring you to play Thornbite Staff and equip it, costing total. ( if you plan on playing Marrow-Gnawer the same turn.) So make good use of those Mana drop spells.


1.Patron of the Nezumi is included as a "wall" with flash that you cast to protect your body if for some reason you are low on rat friends. The strategy here is to utilize his rat sacrifice ability to cast him as an instant.

1.5.If you are (by some cruel joke of the dark gods) outnumbered, Carrion can sacrifice a creature for x 0/1 maggots where x was the creatures power. (why is this paired with #1) This deck only has a few creatures with a power higher than 3, but you may have Patron of the Nezumi out in which case it may be more beneficial to gank Patron of the Nezumi for some defensive tokens. alternatively you could sac a Pack Rat or Pestilence Rats.

2.Culling the Weak, Rain of Filth and Songs of the Damned all cost to give you extra mana, so make sure you leave at least one swamp untapped when ending your turn.

3.Bad Moon provides extra girth to your little buddys so its best to get it out as soon as possible, even if that means ending a turn completely taped out.

4.Soldevi Adnate is a great card to keep on your field as a reserve, it alows you to tap Soldevi Adnate and sac a creature for x where x is sac'd creatures converted mana cost, only this can be done as an interrupt. So only sac creatures who have done a thing that turn and only use it when your tapped out.

5.Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker lets you bring any creature with power 1 or less back from the grave at the start of each turn, this means you can sac a rat for mana on your opponents turn and have him back next upkeep. This deck works just fine without Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker, but he is a welcome edition to the deck, even if he isn't a rat.


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