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Most Expensive deck possible in EDH

Commander / EDH* Five Color


The 99 most expensive cards that are legal in commander, plus Sliver Queen , the most expensive five color legendary creature.

Note that the displayed price is lower than it should be because Tapped Out doesn't realize that these printings of cards exist:

Force of Will : Judge Promos 2014 = 307$ All basic Guru Lands by Terese Nielsen = 668+410+326+372+399=2175$ Gaea's Cradle : Judge Gift Cards 1998 = 1050$ Moat : Antiquities = 775$ Mutavault : Champs and Staes = 549$ Survival of the Fittest : Judge Gift Cards 2009 = 566$

Rest of Deck = 148477

Total = 307+2175+1050+755+549+566+148477=152558

That's one hundred and fifty two thousand five hundred fifty eight dollars.

Good luck casting any spells though.


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